Rack Facade: Harmony of Technology and Architectural Elegance
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September 1, 2023

Rack Facade: Harmony of Technology and Architectural Elegance

The architectural world has always been a space for the embodiment of beauty, functionality, and innovation. In today’s reality, where technological progress is accelerating, architectural design professionals actively utilize new materials and concepts. One of the captivating architectural trends that imbues buildings with rhythm and sophistication is the rack facade. This style of architectural design effectively aligns with regulatory requirements, brings aesthetic appeal to structures, has a wide range of applications, and distinguishes itself from other architectural solutions.

Compliance with Standards: Quality and Safety Assurance

Among the most important aspects of construction is compliance with regulatory requirements. A rack facade is not only an exquisite concept but also a technology that has been successfully verified for compliance with current building standards. The quality of materials used, their installation methods, and resistance to atmospheric influences – all these aspects have been carefully studied and developed in accordance with the norms of the State Building Regulations and Standards of Ukraine. This guarantees the high quality and durability of the rack facade as a technical system.

  • DBN (State Building Norms)

State building norms are regulatory documents that define requirements for the design, construction, and operation of buildings and structures. When choosing a rack facade, it is advisable to follow the relevant sections of the DBN that regulate the use of exterior finishing materials and structures.

  • DSTU (State Standards of Ukraine)

State Standards of Ukraine determine requirements for the quality of products and services, as well as methods of testing and control. When selecting a rack facade, attention should be paid to the DSTU standards that relate to building materials and structures used in facade finishing.

  • Technical Conditions and Instructions

Technical conditions and instructions reflect requirements for specific materials, systems, and processes used in construction and reconstruction. These documents can provide specific recommendations for the installation of the rack facade and the use of corresponding materials.

  • Sanitary Norms and Rules

When installing a rack facade, sanitary norms and rules that determine the safety, health, and comfortable living conditions of people in buildings should also be observed.

  • Project Documentation

The project of the rack facade must be developed in accordance with the aforementioned regulatory documents. Project documentation should include plans, sections, material specifications, installation process flowcharts, and other necessary data.

Solutions for Commercial Spaces

Architectural Attractiveness: Graphic Design and Rhythm of the Rack Facade

The sense of rhythm and graphic design is what gives the rack facade architectural appeal. Graphically arranged slats on the facade create a visual rhythm, giving the building dynamics and character. This architectural play creates a sense of movement and fluidity, extracting visual harmony from the passage of time.

Individual Design and Aesthetics

One of the most significant advantages of a rack facade is the ability to create a unique and individual exterior look for a house. Thanks to a wide range of color choices, textures, and styles, clients can choose what matches their aesthetic preferences.

“Mehbud” allows customers to create an original design by selecting individual parameters for the rack facade. It can be any style – from minimalism and modern to classic or eclectic. This enables homeowners to express their personality and create a unique architectural solution.

Versatility of Application: Creativity and Expressiveness of the Facade

A rack facade offers a wide variety of applications. It can serve as an ornament for private houses, allowing for the creation of a distinctive external image, as well as be a crucial element in the design of commercial spaces. In the case of commercial spaces, the rack facade can reflect corporate style, helping it stand out among other buildings.

Advantages of the Rack Facade: Technological and Design Aspects

  • Easy Installation: The technology of the rack facade allows for easy and efficient installation of selected design solutions on any building, saving time and money in construction.
  • Resistance to Environmental Conditions: The use of high-quality materials and special coatings ensures the long-lasting durability of the rack facade, keeping it looking new for an extended period.
  • Individual Design: The rack facade offers architects and designers the opportunity to realize their boldest ideas. The variety of shapes, colors, and textures of slats allows for creating unparalleled designs, reflecting the building’s individual style and its owner’s preferences.

Solutions for Private Houses

“Mehbud” Leadership: Innovation and Quality

Among the leading manufacturers of rack facades in Ukraine, “Mehbud” stands out prominently. Its high-tech production and the use of cutting-edge materials make rack facades from “Mehbud” the best partners for architects and designers aiming to combine beauty, technical excellence, and quality. This company serves as an example of how innovation and excellence can transform the face of modern architecture.


A rack facade is more than just an exterior building finish; it is the language of architecture that speaks of modern technologies, aesthetics, and an individual approach to design. Thanks to the ability of a rack facade to harmoniously combine technology, beauty, and functionality, it becomes an excellent choice for any project. Let the rack facade become a part of a new architectural symphony where each rhythm and note express the creativity and individuality of the building.

Владимир Рубленко
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