50+ beautiful ideas for a Horizontal Fence
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November 13, 2023

50+ beautiful ideas for a Horizontal Fence

Today, a fence serves a purpose beyond merely marking the boundaries of a property and protecting it from unwanted intrusion. A beautiful fence is, in a way, a calling card for a home, reflecting the taste of its owner.

This is why fences have evolved from being utilitarian to becoming beautiful and ornamental. More and more people are opting for aesthetically pleasing fences rather than dull and grey enclosures. These fences not only serve as a lovely addition to the property but also complement the overall design of the residence, making it distinctive and unique.

Fences come in various styles, including horizontal and vertical, solid and open, wrought iron, wooden, concrete, and more. Each type has its own advantages.

Today, we would like to present our collection of beautiful photos of horizontal fences. We hope that our ideas will inspire everyone, and this summer, you’ll be able to enjoy the sunshine by the beautiful Blinds Fence surrounding your home.

Blinds Fence

In the past year, Blinds Fence has become one of the most sought-after fencing options in the market. This growing interest is due to the numerous advantages it offers:

  1. Practical, durable, and low-maintenance: Blinds Fences do not require additional care or yearly painting.
  2. The strength of galvanized steel with a polymer coating and the shape of the profiled slats ensure the fence’s reliability.
  3. Aesthetic and stylish appearance: A wide variety of colors available in the RAL catalog, decorative finishes that mimic wood or natural stone, as well as mirror-polished or matte metallic surfaces.
  4. Privacy and natural lighting: The slanted slats make the fence impervious to prying eyes, allowing you to feel completely at ease on your property.
  5. Sound insulation qualities: The fence effectively blocks external noise, and the slats, securely fastened on guides, remain stable and quiet even in strong winds.
  6. Easy maintenance: To keep the slats looking pristine, periodic cleaning with a damp cloth or a pressure washer is all that’s needed.
  7. Preservation of natural ventilation: Blinds Fences allow air to pass freely, offering protection from strong winds while maintaining good ventilation.
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The product range of such fences includes the following series:

  • Premium” – the most durable type of fencing structure, assembled from thick steel slats with a durable protective and decorative coating.
  • Exclusive Lego”. The main advantage, however, is the modular structure of the fence, which inspired the use of the term “Lego” in the name. This type of blinds fence is assembled like a construction kit, which means that no substructure installation is required. So, if you need to enclose an area with minimal time and effort, “Exclusive Lego” is the choice!
  • Exclusive” – These fences allow you to create an enclosure according to your needs and provide an appearance that blends seamlessly with bold design concepts.
  • Standard” – These fences combine affordability and style, offering long-lasting aesthetics and reliability.
  • “Eco” – These fences remind us of the importance of environmentally friendly solutions and offer an excellent option for nature enthusiasts.
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Rancho Fence

The Ranch Fence boasts a modern, original design that seamlessly blends into any landscape and architectural composition. It’s a functional and straightforward fencing solution that doesn’t require a frame, only the installation of posts. This makes it quick and easy to set up a Rancho metal fence. Such a fence will make an excellent addition to your property!

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Horizont Fence

The Horizont Fence is a metal enclosure designed for those who seek seclusion and privacy on their property. What sets this fence apart, in addition to its enhanced durability, is the wide range of options for creating distinctive section appearances. Various types of wood, the use of mirrored inserts or a “gold” finish can be incorporated to produce unexpected visual effects that highlight the exclusivity and attractiveness of the project.

The Horizont Fence exudes a cozy charm with its simple yet appealing style.

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El Rancho Fence

he primary element of the El Rancho structure is the profiled asymmetrical slat with a triangular shape. In the sections, the slats are paired, creating openings between them. This alternating arrangement of slats allows for a zigzag pattern, which looks highly original and sets El Rancho apart from other fences.

Key advantages of El Rancho:

  1. Zigzag-style openings on the sections, an innovation that is almost non-existent in the market, imparting a stylish appearance while the passing sun creates interesting shadow patterns.
  2. Practicality: It’s challenging to use the inclined openings between the triangular slats as footholds, making it difficult to climb over the fence.
  3. Durability: Proven metal processing technologies are used in the manufacture of El Rancho fence components.

Apart from these distinctive features, the El Rancho fence structure is quite typical and can be installed following the same principles as other metal fences from the “MehBud” factory.

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Rombo Fence

The Rombo Fence is an exclusive fencing model from the “Mehbud” factory that has no parallels in Ukraine or beyond. The Rombo profile, shaped like a parallelogram, forms an extremely strong and rigid structure. The wide vertical faces create the main plane, and the slanted upper and lower faces reduce the width of the openings. The combination of strong metal and stiffening ribs provides the slats with high resistance to deformation, even when they are of considerable length.

Additionally, fences made from the Rombo profile offer the typical advantages of modular metal fences:

  1. Exceptional corrosion resistance due to the polymer coating on the metal base.
  2. Ease of installation facilitated by the technological design of all components.
  3. The ability to manufacture in a wide range of colors.

To fully realize the potential embedded in this innovation, only the highest-quality galvanized steel with protective and decorative polymer coating (either glossy or matte) is used for its production.

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Rombo Light

The Rombo Light Fence is an aesthetically appealing fence with a unique design that will captivate you at first glance. Its vertical elements taper at the top and bottom, creating the effect of an almost impenetrable wall. However, this fence not only ensures privacy and security but also allows light and air to pass through ventilation gaps between the elements. This makes it an ideal choice for use on your property or in your garden, where you can enjoy privacy and comfort without sacrificing light and fresh air.

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