Cafe Style: Cubic Shaped Steles by Mehbud
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January 24, 2024

Cafe Style: Cubic Shaped Steles by Mehbud

In the world of design and architecture, new trends constantly emerge, giving our favorite places a unique charm and elegance. One of the most interesting and innovative ideas in design is the use of cubic-shaped ceilings. Today, we will explore how this innovative design has been successfully implemented in cafes, providing them with a unique atmosphere and special allure.


There are general principles and recommendations that can be considered when installing ceilings in cafes. Here are a few points that may be included in regulatory documents:

  • Fire Safety: Regulatory documents may include requirements for using fire-resistant materials for ceilings to ensure the safety of the premises. They may establish requirements for the fire resistance of materials according to the classification of fire hazard of the premises.
  • Ceiling Height: Standards may provide guidelines for the minimum ceiling height that ensures sufficient spaciousness and comfort for visitors. This can be significant, especially when designing spaces with suspended lighting systems and other architectural elements.
  • Sound Insulation: Requirements for the sound insulation of ceilings may be established to ensure comfort in the premises. They may include the maximum permissible noise level to provide peace and tranquility for the relaxation of guests.
  • Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems: Standards may include requirements for ventilation and air conditioning systems in the premises to ensure a comfortable temperature and air quality for cafe visitors.

In general, building regulations and standards ensure compliance with construction and operational requirements for premises, including cafes. This contributes to creating a safe, comfortable, and functional environment for cafe visitors and staff.

Again, for detailed and up-to-date information on building regulations governing ceiling installations in cafes, it is recommended to consult local building authorities or architectural consultants. They can provide specific building codes applicable in your region and explain any peculiarities and requirements related to ceiling installations in cafes.


A cafe is a place where people gather to enjoy their favorite drinks, spend time with friends, or simply relax. Therefore, it is important for the atmosphere in this space to be cozy and attractive. Cubic-shaped ceilings are an ideal way to add originality and modern charm to a cafe.

One of the most notable aspects of using cubic-shaped ceilings is their unique design, which harmoniously blends with any interior. Cubes create a visual effect of depth and space, making the premises appear more spacious and elegant. They also play with light and shadow, adding coziness and softness to the atmosphere.

The design of cubic-shaped ceilings can be incredibly diverse. They can be made from various materials such as wood, metal, glass, or plastic, depending on the desired style and aesthetic preferences. Additionally, cubic-shaped ceilings can be arranged in different configurations – symmetric or asymmetric, creating a unique look for each cafe.


Design Options:

  1. Modern Minimalism: Simple, clean lines of cubic-shaped ceilings are perfect for minimalist interiors, creating a sense of space and order.
  2. Retro and Vintage: Using warm colors and textures can add a touch of retro design to cubic-shaped ceilings, suitable for cafes with vintage decor.
  3. Industrial Style: Cubic-shaped ceilings can be adapted with elements of metal and concrete, complementing a rugged industrial style.

Customization Opportunities:

  1. Color and Texture: Ceilings can be painted in any color from the palette that corresponds to the cafe’s design. The option to choose textures (glossy, matte, wood imitation, etc.) allows additional personalization of the space.
  2. Integrated Elements: Ceilings can incorporate built-in lighting fixtures, acoustic panels, or decorative elements that enhance the overall effect and functionality.
  3. Geometric Configurations: Custom geometric shapes and patterns can be created to reflect the unique character of the cafe.
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Integrated Lighting:

  1. Cubic-shaped ceilings can include built-in LED panels and luminaires that provide uniform light distribution throughout the space.
  2. Smart lighting systems can be integrated for automatic adjustment of intensity and color temperature based on time or specific events.

Sound Systems:

  1. Cubic-shaped ceilings can be equipped with built-in sound systems to create optimal acoustics, especially important for musical accompaniment in cafes.
  2. Integration with distributed audio systems allows controlling the sound design of the space without compromising the interior aesthetics.

Control Technologies:

  1. Integration with smart home systems and the Internet of Things (IoT) allows controlling lighting and sound through mobile apps or voice commands.
  2. This enhances operational convenience and allows personalization of settings according to specific needs and events.


The advantages of using cubic-shaped ceilings need to be emphasized. Firstly, it offers a stylish design that fits seamlessly into any interior. The rails create an impression of expanded space and sophistication, giving the cafe a unique character. Additionally, they allow creating grids of light and shadow, contributing to a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

Cubic-shaped ceilings also have practical benefits. They can be used to place built-in fixtures or LED lighting, adding extra illumination and emphasizing design details. Moreover, such ceilings may have sound-insulating properties, reducing noise levels in the premises and creating a comfortable atmosphere for relaxation and conversation.

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Advantages of Cubic-Shaped Ceilings for Cafes

Aesthetic Appeal:

  1. Cubic-shaped ceilings add a modern and stylish look to cafes, creating a unique atmosphere.
  2. Design elements can be adapted to emphasize the theme or brand of the establishment.


  1. The cubic-shaped structure improves the acoustics of the space, crucial for creating a comfortable ambiance in cafes.
  2. Ceilings can incorporate integrated lighting and ventilation systems, enhancing the functionality of the space.

Spatial Opportunities:

  1. The design of cubic-shaped ceilings can visually expand the space, making the interior more open and spacious.
  2. The modular structure allows easy adaptation of the ceiling to any area and shape of the premises.

Lighting Options:

  1. Integrated lighting elements can be used to create various lighting scenarios, helping to set the desired mood in the cafe.
  2. Cubic-shaped ceilings can be equipped with both traditional and LED lighting, making them an energy-efficient solution.


The use of cubic-shaped ceilings in cafes is an innovative design that adds uniqueness and elegance to every space. This design captures the attention of visitors and creates a distinctive atmosphere of coziness and comfort. It combines aesthetic appeal with practicality, making each cafe special and memorable.

Therefore, if you dream of a distinctive interior for your cafe, consider the possibility of using cubic-shaped ceilings. They will add originality and modern charm to your space, creating a unique atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression on your visitors.

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