The optimal solution for your garage: Everything about modern ceilings from Mehbud
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February 21, 2024

The optimal solution for your garage: Everything about modern ceilings from Mehbud

When it comes to outfitting a garage, many of us focus on the floor, walls, or even storage systems, forgetting about one important element – the ceiling. Making the wrong choice can not only spoil the overall look of your garage but also negatively impact its functionality. But don’t worry! We’re here to help you transform your garage from just a place for your car into a functional, stylish space, starting from the top – with the ceiling.

From classic to contemporary, from practical to aesthetically appealing, the modern market offers an incredible variety of ceiling solutions. Especially noteworthy are the metal suspended ceilings from the “Mehbud” factory, which combine durability, style, and ease of maintenance. Are you ready to discover how a ceiling can radically change your garage? From rack systems to cassette systems – let us guide you through the latest trends and innovations in the world of garage ceilings, so you can find the perfect solution that meets both your aesthetic and practical needs.

Ceiling Requirements in Garages: Norms and State Building Codes

When it comes to designing and outfitting ceilings in garages, it’s important to adhere to established standards and requirements of state building codes (DBN). These regulations ensure safety, durability, and effective use of space. The main aspects to consider include:

1. Fire Resistance

One key aspect is the fire resistance of the materials used for the ceiling. According to DBN, materials should have a certain degree of fire resistance to prevent the spread of fire in case of a fire incident. Metal suspended ceilings offered by the “Mehbud” factory meet these requirements, providing a high level of safety.

2. Moisture Resistance

Garages are often prone to high moisture levels, so it’s important to choose materials resistant to corrosion and mold. Moisture resistance ensures the durability of the ceiling and a healthy indoor climate.

3. Mechanical Strength

The garage ceiling should withstand mechanical loads, such as the installation of various equipment or storage systems. DBN sets minimum requirements for strength to ensure that the ceiling can withstand anticipated loads without deformation or damage.

4. Sound Insulation

While this aspect may seem less critical for garages, in cases where the garage adjoins residential areas, it’s important to pay attention to the sound insulation properties of the ceiling. Proper selection of materials and ceiling construction can reduce sound transmission.

5. Aesthetics and Functionality

According to modern trends, the garage ceiling should not only meet technical requirements but also be aesthetically pleasing and functional. For example, metal suspended ceilings from “Mehbud” allow for easy integration of lighting, ventilation systems, and other engineering communications while maintaining an attractive appearance.

Considering the above aspects and adhering to DBN requirements, you can ensure safety, durability, and comfort in using the garage. Choosing quality ceiling solutions from trusted manufacturers like “Mehbud” will help create an optimal environment for your garage space.

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The latest trends in garage ceilings

In the realm of garage outfitting, new and innovative solutions are emerging, including in the realm of ceiling constructions. The Mehbud factory offers a wide range of metal suspended ceilings that meet the latest trends and consumer demands. Let’s take a closer look at how Mehbud’s ceilings can transform your garage.

Rack Ceilings

Among the most popular trends are rack ceilings, known for their aesthetics and functionality. They consist of parallel metal racks mounted at certain distances from each other, creating an elegant and modern structure. Not only does this add a stylish look to the space, but it also provides easy access to hidden engineering systems behind the ceiling.

Cube-shaped Ceilings

Cube-shaped ceilings are a novelty in the market that is quickly gaining popularity due to their unique design. They consist of metal modules of cubic shape, allowing for a voluminous visual effect. Such ceilings are ideal for those seeking innovative and unusual solutions for their garage.

Cassette Ceilings

Mehbud’s cassette ceilings offer a classic look with a modern twist. The use of metal cassettes allows for easy adaptation of the ceiling design to any interior while providing easy access to communications and systems located above the ceiling. This makes them an ideal choice for large garage spaces where significant areas need to be effectively covered without compromising on design.

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Advantages of ceilings from Mehbud

  • Durability and reliability: High-quality materials ensure long-term usage without the need for frequent maintenance.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Modern designs that easily integrate into any interior, making your garage not only functional but also a stylish space.
  • Ease of installation and maintenance: Systems are designed to be easily installed and, if needed, provide access to hidden communications.

Considering these trends and advantages, ceilings from Mehbud are an ideal choice for those seeking modern, durable, and aesthetically pleasing solutions for their garage. They not only enhance the appearance of the space but also ensure its functionality for years to come.

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Choosing the right ceiling for your garage is an important decision that impacts not only the appearance but also the functionality of the space. Mehbud’s metal suspended ceilings offer modern solutions that meet the requirements of durability, practicality, and aesthetics. Whether opting for rack, cube-shaped, or cassette systems, you can create a unique and functional interior for your garage.

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