Unique Design and Quality: Horizont Fence from the Mehbud Factory
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September 12, 2023

Unique Design and Quality: Horizont Fence from the Mehbud Factory

The Horizont Fence is a type of enclosure where horizontal elements are installed parallel to each other with a specific distance between them. This type of fence is popular due to its aesthetics, strength, and a variety of designs. Horizont fences can be made from various materials, but considering your specialization, we will focus on fences made from thin-sheet metal, such as steel, aluminum, or galvanized steel.

Key Features of the Horizont Fence from Mehbud Factory

  • Design: The horizontal elements of the Horizont fence give it a modern and stylish appearance. By using different shapes, sizes, and colors of horizontal elements, unique and attractive structures can be created that accentuate the architectural style of the property.
  • Strength and Durability: Metal fences are known for their high strength and durability. They are resistant to corrosion, moisture, and temperature fluctuations, ensuring a long service life.
  • Safety and Privacy: The Horizont fence made from thin-sheet metal provides a sufficient level of security and partial privacy, as the horizontal elements hinder unauthorized access. The spacing between horizontal elements can be adjusted based on the desired level of privacy.
  • Ease of Installation and Maintenance: Metal Horizont fences are relatively easy to install and maintain. The modular design allows for the quick and straightforward replacement of damaged or worn elements when necessary.
  • Variety of Materials and Coatings: By using different types of metals such as steel, aluminum, or galvanized steel, you can choose the optimal option considering climate conditions, budget, and design preferences. Additionally, metal Horizont fences can be coated with various coatings such as powder paint, lacquer, or patina, providing extra protection against corrosion and a unique appearance.
  • Environmental Friendliness: Thin-sheet metal is an environmentally friendly material, as it can be fully recycled and reused. The use of metal Horizont fences contributes to the conservation of natural resources and a reduction in construction waste.
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  • Versatility: Horizont fences are suitable for enclosing various properties, including private homes, multi-story residential complexes, commercial, and industrial buildings. Thanks to their advantages, they can meet a wide range of requirements for safety, aesthetics, and functionality.
  • Combination with Other Materials: Horizont fences can be successfully combined with other materials such as wood, stone, or glass, allowing for the creation of interesting and harmonious compositions that reflect individual preferences and stylistic choices.

For Whom is the Horizont Fence?

The Horizont fence can be used both on private properties and commercial properties. As a fencing solution for private clients, the Horizont fence is ideal for those who appreciate stylish and modern design. It is also suitable for those who wish to provide themselves with reliable protection from prying eyes, wind, and noise.

Commercial properties, such as shopping centers, offices, and industrial facilities, can also benefit from the advantages of the Horizont fence. It is perfect for enclosing parking lots and areas where security needs to be ensured while simultaneously creating an aesthetically appealing space.

Furthermore, the Horizont fence adds a natural touch and additional charm to the overall landscape composition of any structure!

In general, the Horizont fence is suitable for a wide range of consumers who are looking for a combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal in their enclosures.

How to Order the Horizont Fence with a Discount?

The Horizont fence is not just a barrier; it is an investment in the comfort, security, and beauty of your property. With us, you get:

  • Personalized approach and flexibility in choosing the design
  • Professional installation and quality assurance
  • Competitive prices and flexible payment terms
  • Excellent service and support at every stage of the project

Don’t miss the opportunity to make your life more comfortable and secure with our stylish and durable Horizont fences! Allow us to help you create the perfect space that reflects your individuality and style.

Call us right now at (+38 (044) 423 0521) or submit a request on our website, and our professional manager will contact you soon to discuss the details of your project and answer all your questions!

Special Offer: Order the Horizont fence now and get a free cost estimate, plus a 10% discount on installation! Don’t miss the chance to enhance your property with a stylish and reliable Horizont fence!

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