Rancho Fence: Simple, Practical, and Reliable
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September 12, 2023

Rancho Fence: Simple, Practical, and Reliable

Among all the varieties of metal panel fences, Rancho fences are among the most in-demand. The combination of an attractive appearance, minimalist design, practicality, and reliability makes “Rancho” a truly versatile fence – it looks great around a private home, along a parking lot perimeter, and on the boundaries of a hotel or guesthouse territory.

The “Rancho” fence from the “Mehbud” factory is a structure that has already earned an impeccable reputation. This article will be dedicated to this family of fences.

A Bit of History

Fences assembled from horizontal planks placed at a small distance from each other have been used in practically all world cultures. Such constructions were most often applied to enclose agricultural lands – people could easily traverse such barriers, while domestic animals were securely confined within pastures or yards.

The drawback of these fences was the material used – wood. Horizontally oriented panels in a damp climate would rot faster than vertical pickets, which meant that the fence often required repair or the replacement of components. The introduction of metal fences with polymer coatings to the market helped solve the problem of corrosion or deformation due to moisture, leading to the widespread production of Rancho-style fences worldwide.

The first company in Ukraine to begin manufacturing “Rancho” fences from metal profiles was the “Mehbud” factory. This fence model has been part of the factory’s product range since 2009 and remains one of the most sought-after options to this day (for over 10 years).

The popularity of “Rancho” fences from “Mehbud” did not go unnoticed. After the company introduced these fences into its product lineup and essentially set the trend, “Rancho” fences (often under that exact name) began appearing at other companies manufacturing metal fences. The quality of these copies varies widely – from quite decent to entirely unacceptable (low prices are achieved by using the cheapest raw materials, which negatively affects both strength and durability).

Construction Features

What does the “Rancho” fence consist of?

The core of the structure consists of modular sections made of profiled metal slats.

  • Each slat is made from galvanized steel with a protective and decorative polymer coating.
  • The slat design includes four stiffening ribs, providing the fence with resilience against loads and deformations.
  • All slats can be painted in any color from the RAL catalog.

The slats are attached to the supporting structure with a fixed gap. This allows for natural ventilation and lighting of the area, while, if the fence height is sufficient, the property remains securely protected from intrusion. Additionally, such a fence structure reduces its wind resistance, making it less susceptible to wind-induced deformations.

Assortment of “Rancho” Fences

The most popular model in the “Rancho” series is the classic ventilated fence made of standard rectangular slats. The factory has been producing this design since 2009 (with slight modifications aimed at improving operational characteristics). However, apart from the classic “Rancho” fences, there are other models available.

Double-Sided Rancho

The double-sided design is based on the standard profile, but the slats are arranged in two rows – on the outside and inside.

The panels are mounted with an offset so that the outer row covers the gaps on the inside, and vice versa.

This configuration offers several advantages:

  • More effective protection against intrusion (it’s impossible to place a foot on a slat like a step).
  • Maximum privacy.
  • Protection against drafts and drafts.
  • Protection against bright sunlight.

At the same time, the design retains its ventilation characteristics, remaining permeable to air.

El Rancho – a New Design

Another novelty in the lineup is the “El Rancho” fence. Unlike the standard “Rancho,” this model is composed of triangular slats. This provides a unique appearance to the fence – diagonal gaps that intersect the fence section create a very attractive play of light and shadow. Thanks to this, the fence looks unconventional – and will continue to do so for a long time because there are currently no equivalents to “El Rancho” on the Ukrainian market.

Moreover, “El Rancho” exhibits the typical set of advantages:

  • High durability of slats with stiffening ribs.
  • Good resistance to corrosion.
  • Natural ventilation and lighting.
  • Simple and fast installation.

Why “Rancho”?

Rancho fences are an excellent choice for installation in various settings. Today, they are not just simple enclosures for large livestock pastures; they are stylish, reliable, and durable structures. Such fences are installed:

  • Around private homes and cottage communities.
  • On the premises of cafes, restaurants, and hotels.
  • Around resorts and other recreational areas.
  • Around multi-apartment residential complexes.

In parking lots and car parks. In addition, the combination of high strength, rigidity, and corrosion resistance makes Rancho fences an effective choice for gate and gate fillings.

“Rancho” by “Mehbud” – A Mark of Quality

Rancho fences are constructions that are highly sensitive to the quality of manufacturing and the quality of the raw materials used. The profile of the slats is relatively straightforward, but it is meticulously designed – the stiffening ribs ensure resilience against loads and deformations. Therefore, it is essential to source Rancho fence components from companies that:

  1. Use metal with sufficient thickness for production.
  2. Perform shaping with maximum precision equipment.
  3. Do not compromise on the quality of anti-corrosion coatings. The “Mehbud” factory meets all these requirements – as evidenced by the consistent demand for

Rancho fences manufactured by us over the past 10 years. Furthermore, monitoring of our installed fences provides solid evidence that all our products are characterized by strength, durability, and long-lasting attractiveness.

Advantages of Rancho Fences

  • Durability: Rancho fences from the Mehbud factory are crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring their longevity and resistance to external influences.
  • Strength: The slats feature a sturdy construction, making them resilient against winds and various weather conditions.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Rancho fences have an aesthetically pleasing appearance, making them suitable for enhancing and decorating the surroundings.
  • Ease of Installation: These fences can be quickly and easily installed, reducing both time and installation costs.
  • Safety: The fence lacks sharp elements and poses no danger to animals or people.
  • Variety: Mehbud offers a wide selection of Rancho fences in various sizes and color options, allowing you to choose the most suitable variant for your specific needs.
  • Environmentally Friendly: The fences are manufactured from environmentally friendly materials, making them safe for the environment.
  • Warranty: Mehbud provides a warranty for its products, enhancing consumer trust in the brand.
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