Sectional Fences
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January 4, 2024

Sectional Fences

When designing fences for private residences, commercial properties, and other plots, there is an increasing tendency to choose sectional fences. Fences made of prefabricated metal sections are reliable, practical, and easy to install, allowing for the quick enclosure of a sufficiently large area.

One significant drawback of such products is the lengthy manufacturing time for custom-sized fences. The “MehBud” factory, responding to the numerous requests of potential customers (primarily contractors, architects, and landscape designers), sought to address this issue by introducing sectional metal fences in sets to the market.

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A sectional metal fence consists of a set of standard elements – sections:

  • Sections have fixed dimensions, allowing for the timely calculation of the necessary number of components for enclosing the area.

Important! If necessary, the section can be adjusted in size during installation – this takes time but expands the possibilities of the solution. Additionally, when adjusting, it is important to carry out anti-corrosion treatment of the metal at the cut site.

  • The construction of sections can vary. Typically, modular metal fences have a sectional structure, assembled from individual slats on vertical posts.
  • During installation, individual sections are simply assembled into a single structure. If the design and preparation of the site were done professionally, the installation itself does not take much time, and the finished fence enjoys all the benefits of a modern, reliable metal enclosure.


The average production time for components for custom-sized metal fence installation ranges from 2 to 3 weeks. This is a quite acceptable timeframe for individual non-standard projects. However, when it comes to standard fences, especially for large areas with minimal design requirements, the priority often becomes time savings.

Unlike custom-made products, fence sets are always in stock at the company. Therefore, the customer only needs to:

  • Choose the desired fence model from the available range.
  • Specify the number of sets.
  • Wait for the delivery of the products from the warehouse and proceed with the installation.This significantly reduces the project implementation time, allowing for a quicker completion of the perimeter fencing installation.


A sectional fence set from the Mehbud factory consists of one section of a metal fence, equipped with all additional elements necessary for its installation. The standard set includes:

  1. Slats of the selected fence type (the number depends on the fence model and its dimensions).
  2. 2 vertical posts for attaching the slats.
  3. 2 overlays for vertical posts (the height of the posts and overlays is equal to the height of the section).
  4. Top cover (the length of the detail is equal to the width of the section).
  5. Set of fastening elements for assembling the section.

This configuration allows assembling metal fence sections without the need for additional materials, facilitating procurement planning.


For production in sets, the Mehbud factory has chosen the most popular fence models:

Sections of all three models are presented in sets of two standard sizes:

  1. 2000×2000 mm.
  2. 2500×2500 mm.

Sections are available in two colors – brown (8019 mat) and gray (7024 mat).

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Note! Sets can be used for the installation of the main part of the fence, as well as for assembling gates or wickets. In the latter case, adjustment in size may be required, and the purchase of additional components (hinges, locking mechanisms, guides, and drives for sliding gates).


The production of fences in sets aimed primarily at reducing time costs when ordering standard and highly demanded fences. Time savings due to the availability of set stocks in the company’s warehouses become the main advantage.


  • The price of fences in sets is quite affordable (compared to non-standard options – production costs decrease due to automation).
  • The assortment includes the most demanded models in popular practical colors.
  • The quality of sections and components in sets is strictly controlled, allowing the company to guarantee high durability and a long service life of the products.

In general, sectional fences in sets are an excellent solution for construction companies and construction brigade leaders because the time savings in the installation of standard fences with high quality requirements turn out to be truly colossal.


In the world of modern technologies and design, sectional fences from the Mehbud factory embody style, functionality, and safety. Manufactured using advanced materials and carefully designed technical solutions, these fences have become an integral part of contemporary architecture and landscaping.

  • Strength and Durability: Sectional fences stand out for their high strength and durability due to the use of quality materials and engineering solutions. They can withstand the impact of weather conditions and mechanical loads.
  • Safety and Privacy: Fences create a reliable barrier, ensuring safety and privacy on your property. Various design options and slat configurations allow choosing the optimal level of transparency.
  • Design Variety: A wide range of design solutions allows you to choose a fence that matches the architectural style of your home. Different colors, shapes, and textures of slats provide an aesthetic blend with the surrounding structures.
  • Ease of Installation and Maintenance: Sectional fences are easy to install and require minimal maintenance. Their design allows for quick and efficient installation, reducing both time and financial costs.


Sectional fences seamlessly fit into various aspects of your life:

  1. Country Plots and Cottages: An ideal solution for enclosing country plots and private cottages, providing a combination of style and functionality.
  2. Industrial Areas: Sectional fences are effectively used in industrial facilities where a high level of safety and protection is required.
  3. Commercial Zones: Perfect for fencing commercial areas, creating an attractive exterior appearance and emphasizing corporate style.
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