Designers and architects are shifting to Ukrainian manufacturers.
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December 14, 2023

Designers and architects are shifting to Ukrainian manufacturers.

The market analysis of building and decorative materials vividly demonstrates that in recent years, the focus of interest for most designers, planners, and architects is shifting towards Ukrainian manufacturers. In our article, we delve into why this shift is happening, what drives the increasing popularity of Ukrainian companies in the market, and whether choosing Ukrainian products for large projects is truly worthwhile.


In the last 5 years (though the trend was emerging earlier, the current situation is particularly striking), “Buy Ukrainian” has evolved from a mere slogan and is no longer perceived with a hint of irony. Previously, domestic products were primarily chosen out of necessity, but now the situation has changed significantly.

This trend is predominantly set by designers and architects:

  • Ukraine has consistently outperformed China and Russia in the economic segment.
  • Ukrainian building and decorative materials are now considered the “baseline” in project development.
  • Some brands and product lines are being used as alternatives to premium brands from Europe and the USA.

Imported materials may still hold a niche in the super-premium segment, influenced by psychological factors and the inertia of thinking that tends to associate higher cost with better quality. However, Ukrainian manufacturers are making strides in promoting their products, though currently more on an individual brand basis than as a widespread trend.

Купуй українське


What factors contribute to this market shift? In reality, a complex set of factors plays a role, determining the main vectors of the economy.

  1. Low labor costs: Ukraine’s low labor costs result in lower production costs compared to neighboring countries.
  2. Highly skilled workforce: The qualifications of workers and engineering staff in the country are high, allowing for the production of high-tech goods.

Collectively, these factors ensure:

  • Diversification of the product range: Ukrainian companies systematically adapt European technologies, producing goods that require compliance with specific conditions or high precision in processing.
  • Quality control: With high competition in the domestic market, all companies are working to reduce the quantity of defective products through production automation. This situation is mirrored in exports; a company that doesn’t control product quality will struggle to effectively sell in foreign markets.
  • Minimum production cost: The intense competition in the market results in a high cost for released building and decorative materials, leading to minimized profits for manufacturers.

Most companies in Ukraine focus on the segment of quality but reasonably priced products within their class. This becomes a decisive argument for both designers and architects, especially when essential characteristics such as operational efficiency, durability, and long-term attractiveness are paramount – precisely the qualities found in Ukrainian products.

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The application field of materials produced in Ukraine is exceptionally broad. Architects working on turnkey projects, landscape designers, and interior designers actively utilize:

  • Paint and Coating Materials.
  • Construction Mixtures.
  • Sealants and Similar Materials.
  • Decorative Materials (various types of decorative plaster).

Products manufactured by Ukrainian companies that have gained popularity also include:

  • Solid Wood, Veneer, and Composite Material Panels.
  • MDF Panels and Boards.
  • Blanks and Finished Products from Artificial Stone.
  • uPVC and Aluminum Windows.

A significant and growing segment comprises metallic products. Alongside profiled metal sheets, metal profiles, and metal tiles, the Ukrainian market is increasingly consuming:

All of the above represents just a small fraction of the diversity offered by Ukrainian companies.

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The opinions of designers and architects on the matter of transitioning to work with Ukrainian manufacturers are practically unanimous. Making this switch is not just a consideration; in the current economic conditions, opting for domestic manufacturers is genuinely advantageous. It’s not just about the enumerated benefits; it’s also about the approach of Ukrainian companies.

Ukrainian manufacturers, by reducing production costs while maintaining quality, actively compete for the market segment that was previously dominated by China, Russia, and inexpensive European products. Currently, they offer a broader range and more interesting technological solutions — the kind that allows the realization of even the most complex projects. Working with such manufacturers is not only beneficial but, importantly, comfortable due to their high customer orientation.

Therefore, architects and designers who still orient themselves towards European suppliers should at least evaluate the prospects of Ukrainian products. Practice shows that the percentage of disappointments in this regard is exceptionally low. In the coming years, the trend of supporting high-quality standards and expanding the product range will persist — meaning that the implementation of the most ambitious projects can be done with maximum financial advantage!


According to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, in 2023, furniture production in Ukraine increased by 20%, lighting production by 15%, and sanitary ware production by 10%. The production volume of metal products in 2023 increased by 12% compared to 2022.

These indicators indicate that Ukrainian manufacturers are successfully adapting to new conditions and gaining an increasing market share.

Switching to Ukrainian manufacturers is just the beginning of a long-term process. In the future, designers and architects will increasingly use domestic products.

This is associated with several factors, including:

  • Improving Quality of Ukrainian Products: Ukrainian manufacturers continuously enhance their technologies and use higher-quality materials.
  • Reduced Accessibility of Imported Products: With rising prices on imported goods, Ukrainian manufacturers offer more affordable prices.
  • Support for the Ukrainian Economy: Designers and architects are increasingly realizing the importance of supporting the Ukrainian economy and the development of domestic production.

In the long run, Ukrainian manufacturers may become major suppliers for designers and architects.

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