Cassette Ceiling from the Mehbud Factory
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January 4, 2024

Cassette Ceiling from the Mehbud Factory

The popularity of cassette ceilings began to grow quite some time ago. The universal design of such products allows for their use in the decoration of almost any space – from bathrooms in private homes and apartments to spacious offices and industrial facilities.

Cassette ceilings are also represented in the Mehbud factory’s product range. The metallic ceiling cassettes produced at the facility exhibit an optimal combination of aesthetic and practical characteristics, resulting in a ceiling that is not only beautiful but also durable.

Normative Documents

In Ukraine, the use of cassette ceilings is regulated by a series of normative documents ensuring the quality and safety of this type of finish in various spaces. Mainly, these include:

  1. DBN V.2.2-9-2001 “Internal Water Supply and Sewage Systems of Buildings and Structures.” This normative document includes requirements for ceiling systems as they can be part of internal engineering communications.
  2. DBN V.2.2-10-2001 “Thermal Insulation of Buildings.” This document contains requirements for the thermal insulation of ceilings.
  3. DBN V.2.2-12-2002 “Heating and Ventilation Systems of Buildings.” Here, you can find information about ventilation and air conditioning in spaces with suspended ceilings.

Requirements for Cassette Ceilings

Cassette ceilings are subject to high requirements to ensure a long service life and aesthetic quality. The main requirements for cassette ceilings include:

  1. Strength and Stability: Ceiling cassettes must be strong enough to withstand loads and resist deformation over time.
  2. Hygiene: Materials used for cassette ceilings must be safe from a hygiene perspective and should not promote the growth of bacteria and mold.
  3. Fire Safety: Cassette ceilings must meet fire safety standards and slow down the spread of fire in case of a fire.
  4. Acoustic Properties: Cassette ceilings can be designed considering acoustic requirements to reduce noise in a room.
  5. Design and Aesthetics: Cassette ceilings should be aesthetically appealing and complement the overall style of the space.
  6. Moisture and Corrosion Resistance: For spaces with increased humidity, materials resistant to corrosion and moisture are required.

Adhering to these requirements ensures high quality and functionality of cassette ceilings.

Metal Ceiling Cassettes: Modern Classic

Ceiling cassettes can be made from various materials, but in recent years, metal cassette ceilings have gained popularity. This is directly related to the introduction of thin-sheet metal with anti-corrosion polymer coating to the market. The use of this raw material for the production of ceiling cassettes allows for:

  • Minimum ceiling weight (metal thickness rarely exceeds 0.7 mm).
  • High mechanical strength and resistance to deformation due to the presence of stiffening ribs.
  • Corrosion resistance – the polymer coating protects the steel base from rust and aluminum from oxidation.
  • Fire resistance, essential for ceilings in public buildings.

In addition, the extensive color palette of thin-sheet metal and the possibility of painting cassettes in almost any color open up wide possibilities for interior designers.

The construction of a metal suspended ceiling remains unchanged:

  • The foundation is a metal frame that is attached to the walls and the ceiling of the room.
  • The height of the frame is chosen so that the ceiling level corresponds to the design value, and utilities can be placed behind the cassettes.
  • Ceiling cassettes are installed in the frame cells. The size of the cells is chosen considering the size of the cassettes, but it is usually standard, allowing cassettes to be considered interchangeable.

Moreover, standard cells in the suspended metal ceiling from Mehbud can accommodate not only metal cassettes but also built-in ceiling lights.

Where to Install Cassette Ceilings?

The choice of spaces where a metal cassette ceiling is appropriate is virtually limitless. Primarily, this includes:

  • Shops, cafes, and restaurants.
  • Office, public, and government buildings.
  • Hotels and hostels.
  • Shopping malls.

Additionally, such ceilings are actively used in the design of industrial spaces and rooms with high cleanliness requirements, such as kitchens, laboratories, medical facilities, etc.

The key parameter when choosing a cassette ceiling should be the quality of the cassettes themselves. Products from the Mehbud factory are manufactured based on European raw materials with excellent strength and corrosion resistance indicators. Therefore, a structure assembled from such cassettes will last for many decades, maintaining both attractiveness and reliability.

Application of Cassette Ceilings

Cassette ceilings find wide application in various types of spaces due to their versatility and advantages. They are used in the following areas:

  1. Office Spaces: Cassette ceilings in offices are employed to create a modern and professional appearance, improve acoustics, and conceal engineering systems.
  2. Shopping Centers: In stores and shopping centers, cassette ceilings contribute to creating a comfortable environment for shoppers and provide easy access to technical systems.
  3. Medical Institutions: In hospitals and clinics, cassette ceilings are designed with hygiene and disinfection resistance in mind.
  4. Educational Institutions: In educational establishments, they help create good acoustics and allow for the installation of lighting fixtures and ventilation systems.
  5. Hotels and Restaurants: In hotels and restaurants, cassette ceilings can be used to create a cozy atmosphere and add style to the interior.
  6. Residential Spaces: In some houses and apartments, cassette ceilings may be used for decorative purposes.

The sphere of application for cassette ceilings is diverse, and they can be adapted to various needs.

Advantages of Ceilings from Mehbud Factory

Ceiling systems manufactured by the Mehbud factory offer several advantages:

  • Quality and Reliability: Mehbud factory products are made using high-quality materials and adhere to strict quality standards, ensuring a long service life and reliability of ceiling systems.
  • Innovative Solutions: The Mehbud factory constantly introduces new technologies and innovations in production, offering modern and functional ceiling solutions.
  • Wide Range: The factory provides a variety of designs and configurations for cassette ceilings, allowing for a suitable option for any interior.
  • Environmental Safety: Materials used at the Mehbud factory comply with environmental standards and do not contain harmful substances.
  • Professional Service: Mehbud company offers a high level of service, including product selection consultations, installation, and warranty support.

Ceiling systems from the Mehbud factory are a reliable and aesthetically pleasing choice for various types of spaces and enjoy well-deserved trust from customers.

Иван Жилєнков
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