Ceiling in game rooms
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January 8, 2024

Ceiling in game rooms

According to the majority of experts, the adoption of a law legalizing the gambling business will stimulate the industry’s development and bring it out of the shadows, at least partially. Therefore, many entrepreneurs are already considering targeted leases of spaces and their conversion into gaming halls.

One of the key tasks in planning the reconstruction of such a facility is the choice of ceiling finishing. Accordingly, it is crucial to pre-select materials for ceiling decoration, taking into account the specific nature of the premises.


Regulatory requirements for the installation of suspended metal ceilings in casinos and other gaming premises are governed by DBN V.2.2-15-2010 “Public Buildings and Structures.”

According to this document, the installation of suspended metal ceilings must meet the following requirements:

  • Materials: Materials used for manufacturing suspended metal ceilings must meet the requirements for strength, wear resistance, and fire resistance. Consideration should also be given to the possibility of electrostatic charge and magnetic influences.
  • Installation: The installation of suspended metal ceilings must be carried out in accordance with the project, considering the structural features of the room, including ceiling height, hanger structure, fastening to walls, and floors.
  • Ventilation: Suspended metal ceilings should not hinder the ventilation system. To achieve this, there should be a sufficient gap between the ceiling and the floor to ensure the free flow of air.
  • Lighting: Accentuated metal ceilings should provide uniform light distribution in the room and not create shadows.
  • Soundproofing: Suspended metal ceilings can be used to improve room soundproofing. To achieve this, acoustic characteristics of materials and ceiling construction must be considered.
  • Safety: Suspended metal ceilings must meet safety requirements, including fire safety requirements and compliance with electrical safety standards.
  • Design: Suspended metal ceilings can be used to create original room designs. Ergonomic and aesthetic requirements should be taken into account.

In accordance with DBN V.2.2-15-2010 “Public Buildings and Structures” suspended metal ceilings must be installed considering all safety and user comfort requirements. When designing and installing the ceiling, structural features of the room, ventilation and lighting requirements, acoustic characteristics of materials, and aesthetic requirements must be taken into account. To ensure safety, materials with high strength, wear resistance, and fire resistance should be used, considering electrostatic charge and magnetic influences. All work should be carried out in accordance with the project and in compliance with safety and user comfort requirements.


Which metal ceilings are best to use in casinos and other gaming premises?

When choosing metal ceilings for casinos and other gaming premises, the following requirements must be considered:

  1. Fire Resistance: Metal ceilings must have high fire resistance. Materials that meet fire resistance requirements and have high temperature resistance should be used.
  2. Acoustic Efficiency: Metal ceilings can be used to improve sound insulation and sound absorption in the room. Special materials or constructions providing high acoustic efficiency can be used.
  3. Aesthetic Appearance: Metal ceilings can be manufactured in various designs and colors, allowing for the creation of an original room design. The aesthetic appearance and conformity to the interior design should be considered when choosing metal ceilings.
  4. Durability: Metal ceilings must be durable and strong, withstanding the effects of humidity, temperature changes, and other environmental influences.
  5. Safety: Metal ceilings must meet safety requirements, including fire safety and compliance with electrical safety standards.
  6. Installation: The installation of metal ceilings must be carried out in accordance with the project, considering the structural features of the room, including ceiling height, hanger structure, fastening to walls, and floors.

The optimal choice of metal ceilings for casinos and other premises depends on various factors, including design, budget, functional requirements, and safety requirements.

In many cases, suspended metal ceilings are an optimal choice for casinos and other gaming premises. This is because suspended metal ceilings allow for easy achievement of various aesthetic and functional goals, as well as providing sound insulation and absorption.

Suspended metal ceilings can be made from different materials such as aluminum, steel, or metal pipes. They can have different shapes and colors, enabling the creation of an original room design. To ensure safety and compliance with fire and electrical safety requirements, materials and constructions meeting the requirements of relevant regulations must be used.

When installing metal ceilings, the structural features of the room, including ceiling height, hanger structure, fastening to walls, and floors, must be considered. Safety rules must also be observed during the installation and operation of metal ceilings.


A gaming hall is a space with its own atmosphere, microclimate, and design requirements. All of these factors should be taken into account when forming a list of requirements for ceiling finishing:

  • Mechanical resistance, corrosion resistance, and fire resistance are basic requirements for ceilings, which are particularly relevant in gaming halls. Additionally, there is a high likelihood of violating smoking prohibitions in gaming halls, making fire resistance of ceilings a top priority.
  • Capability for embedded lighting installation and concealment of utilities is essential due to the limited space and often low ceiling height in gaming halls. Lighting in such spaces is made adjustable and directional (ordinary lamps may cause glare when using computers or liquid crystal displays). Ventilation ducts for intensive room ventilation are also often placed behind the ceiling finishing.
  • Appearance: The design of a gaming hall is one of the key factors in its attractiveness. Therefore, ceiling finishes are chosen with panels or other elements featuring mirrored, polished, tinted, or relief surfaces. Mirrored panels and metallic-painted panels are most commonly used, as their light-reflective properties visually elevate the ceiling and make the space more appealing.


Metal suspended ceilings are practically ubiquitous in the decoration of gaming halls. They combine operational qualities that meet the above-mentioned requirements. The following solutions are most commonly used:

  • Cassette Ceiling: This is a standard design that can be executed in virtually any design. Preference is given to mirrored ceilings made of polished metal or with decorative coatings (silver, bronze, gold, chrome). Cassette false ceilings are easily installed, completely conceal utilities, and can be easily combined with standard-sized luminaires (600×600 mm) and built-in spotlights.
  • Grille Ceiling: Grille ceilings are also popular in gaming halls, but the choice is made only after careful analysis of the design. The latticed openwork structure may be appropriate in various situations, with its installation involving organizing the ceiling space. Grille ceilings can be manufactured in any color, but the absence of large surface areas makes the installation of mirrored constructions less relevant.
  • Cubic Shaped Ceiling: A cubic-shaped ceiling is not just a sensible compromise between solid and grille structures. Even in its simplest form, cubic-shaped ceilings look quite attractive. Ordering the installation of a cubic-shaped ceiling with a mirrored or polished decorative coating, combined with strategically placed lighting, can create a stunning decorative effect.

Other constructions can be used in gaming halls; for example, for smaller spaces, rack ceilings made of polished or painted metal may be suitable.


However, regular gaming halls are only a part of the spaces that will undergo renovations for companies wanting to take advantage of legalized gambling laws. The primary profits are expected to come from large casino owners, and these establishments will need to be built from scratch or reconstruct spaces previously used for other purposes.

The interior finishing of a casino is a complex task that requires a professional approach. For such establishments, individuality is crucial, so designers strive to deviate as much as possible from standard solutions. Regarding ceiling finishing, it is essential to use materials and structures that combine excellent operational qualities with high design potential.


Ceilings in casinos can be roughly divided into several groups:

  1. Ceilings in actual gaming halls and other areas accessible to visitors.
  2. Ceilings in technical zones and staff areas.

In the first case, the focus is primarily on design, as mentioned earlier. Non-standard solutions, the ability to use various colors and textures, design and shade resistance are among the priorities for ceiling structures installed in gaming halls.

From a practical standpoint, ceilings for both casinos themselves and ceiling structures for technical rooms should be almost identical. Priorities for them include:

  • Mechanical strength
  • Fire resistance (which should be maximum, as casinos will undergo stringent checks)
  • Resistance to moisture (and wet cleaning)
  • Corrosion resistance

An important requirement is a modular structure and the ability to mount at a certain distance from the supporting ceiling panel. The reason is quite evident: the casino interior should be neat and sophisticated, so all utilities should be hidden from prying eyes. The most convenient place for their placement is behind the ceiling cladding. This is where all the wires and essential elements of the security system, which monitors player behavior and prevents abuse, are placed.


Which ceiling structures can be used for casinos? In principle, ceilings recommended for regular gaming halls are also quite applicable here. However, there are specific considerations to be taken into account:

  • Rack ceilings with decorative rails are excellent for small spaces such as smoking rooms, offices, and restrooms. The features of the rack ceiling allow its use in rooms of almost any size, but there is a chance of bending the rails on large surfaces. In this case, it is crucial to choose slats made of thickened material and strictly adhere to the installation technology.
  • Cassette Ceiling is another versatile solution for casinos. Everything depends on the specific cassettes used: standard models are used for technical rooms, while ceiling cassettes with maximum decorative characteristics are used for gaming halls and lobbies.
  • Cubic-shaped ceilings are ideal for casinos, specifically for placement in gaming halls. Firstly, the design looks aesthetically pleasing and can serve as a true interior decoration. Secondly, the sparse placement of slats allows the installation of lighting fixtures and surveillance system elements between them without sacrificing the room’s design.

Another solution that works well for casinos is a ceiling that transitions into a wall. When implementing such a design, ceiling panels identical to those used for the ceiling are also used for wall finishing. This allows achieving design unity and coordinating the finishing into a single system—both for the ceiling and the wall. Additionally, using a metal profile for wall finishing allows for effective concealment of utilities, similar to the ceiling.

When choosing a ceiling for a casino, you can base your decision on an already approved design or follow recommendations provided by MehBud factory experts.



The quality and reliability of the ceiling structure are crucial factors when choosing a manufacturer for ceiling installation. Ordering products from the MehBud factory provides the following advantages:

  • High mechanical strength achieved through the use of quality metal with sufficient thickness.
  • Precise compliance with dimensions, achieved through the automation of production.
  • Highest corrosion resistance.

Most importantly, cassette and cubic-shaped ceilings from the MehBud factory, designed for installation in gaming halls, can be manufactured in almost any color and design, including the popular mirrored option. This means that installing such a structure will significantly enhance the attractiveness of the establishment for visitors.

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