Why Metal Ceilings?
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February 26, 2024

Why Metal Ceilings?

Metal ceilings are becoming an increasingly popular choice for homes, offices, shopping centers, and other commercial spaces. In this article, we will explore several reasons why metal ceilings are such a great choice.


One of the main advantages of metal ceilings is their high strength and durability. Metal ceilings have excellent resistance to various types of damage, such as scratches, chips, and impacts. They are also highly resistant to moisture, mold, and fungi, making them an ideal choice for high-humidity areas.


Metal ceilings can feature various design solutions and styles, allowing for the creation of a unique room design. They can be coated with different colors and textures, enabling the desired aesthetic effect to be achieved. Thanks to various design solutions, metal ceilings can suit any room, from classical to modern.


Metal ceilings are easy to clean and disinfect, making them an ideal choice for environments requiring a high level of hygiene. They do not attract dust and do not allow mold and fungi to develop, making them an ideal choice for spaces such as hospitals and laboratories.


Metal ceilings are characterized by a low cost compared to other types of ceilings and can be easily installed and maintained. Thanks to their strength and durability, metal ceilings do not require replacement for many years, which helps save on operational costs.

The relatively high cost of metal ceilings – both decorative and fully functional – somewhat limits their prevalence in Ukraine. However, despite the high price, panel, cassette, and grid metal ceilings are gaining an increasingly larger share in this market segment every year.

According to experts, one of the reasons for this is the high versatility of such structures. This means that metal ceilings have a wide range of advantages, and different advantages become a priority for different projects.


Initially, metal grid and cassette ceilings replaced suspended systems made of other materials such as plastic and fibrous panels. Cassette ceilings became an alternative to “Armstrong” office ceilings and quickly began to dominate the market due to their characteristics.

The advantages of metal for offices are evident:

  • Minimal structure weight, allowing for the use of a lightweight frame.
  • Modular structure, facilitating access to the ceiling space for laying communications.
  • The possibility of manufacturing in any shade to harmonize with the office’s color palette.
  • Extremely easy maintenance of the ceiling – metal cassettes with polymer coating withstand wet cleaning excellently.
  • Additionally, cassette ceilings can be mounted on old “Armstrong” frames with minimal modification. Another advantage is the possibility of installing recessed luminaires with a standard size of 600×600 mm.
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Therefore, despite the fact that economical solutions are most often used in office finishing, the choice is increasingly made in favor of metal ceilings. The long-term benefit is obvious: such a suspended structure can withstand several decades and 3-4 major office renovations without compromising strength and appearance.


Metal suspended ceilings began to penetrate hotels quite some time ago, and their high durability was the reason. Cube-shaped ceilings and grille systems are installed in common areas, while cassette and grid models, as well as perforated panel ceilings, are used in rooms and corridors.

The advantages of such solutions include:

  • Reduction of expenses on finishing ceilings (they are simply masked).
  • Possibility of laying communication systems, primarily climate control systems in hotels with centralized conditioning.
  • Possibility of implementing almost any design scheme.
  • Fire resistance of ceilings (very important for ensuring the required level of fire safety).
  • Ease of maintenance.

Additionally, there is a benefit that is particularly relevant for hotels. While a hotel is not receiving visitors (which is important for seasonal resorts), the premises are either not heated or minimally heated. As a result, ceilings in rooms and other spaces may be subjected to moisture and temperature fluctuations. Any materials other than metal gradually degrade and deteriorate under such conditions. However, a metal ceiling only needs to be wiped and checked for corrosion once before the start of the season.


The large ceiling area in stores and shopping malls is one of the key factors determining the choice of materials for their finishing. Typically, a suspended ceiling has to be installed in a room with high ceilings – hence, the ability to choose the optimal level becomes an advantage.


  • Metal ceilings are lightweight and sufficiently strong, reducing the load on supporting structures.
  • The modular ceiling structure facilitates finishing large spaces.
  • A variety of shapes and colors expand the design potential: both the entire shopping mall and individual stores can be decorated in any design and color scheme.

The key advantage of metal ceilings for spaces with high traffic and footfall is their fire resistance. Metal finishing does not ignite or support combustion, making it the safest option for places with large crowds.


Hospitals, procedure rooms, sanatoriums, and laboratories are facilities where the requirements for room finishing are very stringent. The decorative function of the ceiling takes a back seat here, although the overall appearance of the room is still important. However, priorities are different:

  • Fire safety mentioned above is crucial. It’s essential that all finishing elements are non-combustible – otherwise, it is impossible to ensure the safety of all people in the room.
  • Hygiene is important here. Two aspects are important – minimal porosity of the ceiling, which should not accumulate moisture and airborne substances, and the ability to withstand regular wet cleaning with disinfectants. The second aspect is critical – rooms in such facilities are cleaned regularly, otherwise, it is impossible to maintain proper sanitary conditions.

Note! Procedure rooms, showers, pools, and other areas have a high level of ambient humidity. In such conditions, only plastic or metal ceilings can serve for a long time, but plastic panels do not meet fire safety requirements.

  • Reflection of light without glare. A white or light matte surface is an ideal solution for a ceiling in such a room. Any glare here can negatively affect the work of the staff, so the choice is made in favor of structures with polymer protective-decorative coatings in light shades.


Cafeteria kitchens, restaurants, and food industry enterprises are also facilities with high requirements for the sanitary characteristics of finishing. Decorative ceiling constructions are rarely used here, but the choice is increasingly made in favor of metal cassettes with the simplest and most reliable anti-corrosion coating.

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Arguments in favor of such a solution:

  • Relatively low cost (especially considering the service life of ceiling finishing).
  • Easy installation, reducing the time required to prepare the facility for operation.
  • Ability to conceal ductwork and other utilities.
  • Good resistance to temperature fluctuations and high temperatures (not only to open flame and sparks, but also to regular heating).
  • Resistance to moisture.
  • Resistance to chemicals – both airborne and used for disinfection.
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As a result, finishing the ceiling with metal panels, rails, or cassettes becomes almost the only solution available for implementation with a limited budget.

Overall, the high versatility of suspended metal ceilings practically explains the growth of their popularity. Additionally, it’s important that such products in the Ukrainian market are represented by sufficiently high-quality constructions (thick metal, adherence to dimensions, reliable polymer coating). An example of such a quality ceiling can be practically any product from the Mehbud Factory – considering the company’s pricing policy, opting for metal ceilings from this manufacturer would be entirely justified.


Metal ceilings are an excellent choice for any space due to their strength, durability, design versatility, hygiene, and cost-effectiveness. They are suitable for use in various environments, including homes, offices, shopping centers, restaurants, hospitals, and laboratories.

Metal ceilings also offer other advantages, such as the ability to install integrated lighting and sound insulation. They can also be used in combination with other materials such as glass and wood to create a unique ceiling design.

Furthermore, metal ceilings are an environmentally friendly choice, as they can be recycled and reused after their service life.

In conclusion, metal ceilings are an excellent choice for those seeking a beautiful, durable, and cost-effective ceiling for their space. With their design versatility and durability, they can transform any room, creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

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