Overhead facades for auto service stations from the “Mehbud” factory
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February 12, 2024

Overhead facades for auto service stations from the “Mehbud” factory

Modern auto service stations are not just places for car repairs, but also the face of a company, which must be attractive, functional, and reliable.

Overhead facades from the “Mehbud” factory are the ideal solution for cladding auto service stations, meeting all modern requirements.

In this article, we will discuss the advantages of using “Mehbud” overhead facades for auto service stations, as well as the various types of facade panels offered by our factory.

The facade of an auto service station should look attractive and be functional, fulfilling the following requirements:

  • Preventing overheating and overcooling of the walls.
  • Preventing moisture penetration.
  • Being fire-resistant.
  • Providing sound insulation for the premises.

An overhead ventilated facade can be considered as an investment that pays off through savings on heating and air conditioning costs.


Main requirements for auto service station premises

Premises where automobiles are serviced must meet certain requirements.

  • The internal surface of the wall covering must be smooth, preferably painted. It is important to remember that petroleum products and automotive chemicals will come into contact with it! The material must meet high fire safety requirements, be non-combustible, non-toxic, and have low smoke-generating properties.
  • Interior cladding must withstand high levels of exposure to exhaust gases, welding fumes, and automotive chemicals, and be resistant to wiping the wall surface with light solvents and washing with water jets.
  • To ensure good ventilation, suspended ceilings should be made of perforated steel or solid sheet steel with wide inter-panel channels.
  • Externally, the material on the walls and ceilings should reflect and diffuse light well to achieve shadow-free illumination of the serviced automobile and, most importantly, leave a good impression of quality service for car enthusiasts.

All these requirements for internal and external wall cladding of the building are met by cladding made of metal lattice panels (siding) and rectangular cassettes, made of painted galvanized steel or aluminum alloy, serially manufactured at the “Mehbud” factory.


Difference between facade and interior cladding systems

The difference between facade and interior cladding systems lies in the significantly greater projection of panels from the wall on the facade (140-200 mm), to accommodate insulation and create a ventilated space (40-70 mm) for moisture and warm air removal.

Lattice panels or cassettes for the facade are selected from thicker metal (1-1.5 mm) and have a strong lock for joining the panels. Facade cladding must withstand wind loads, both for compression and tearing (hurricane winds create pressure of 80 kg/m2 at heights up to 20 m). In the interior, preference is given to siding, with thinner metal (0.45-0.7 mm) and a simpler mounting system.

In both cases, a protective polymer coating is applied to the metal, the thickness of which is regulated by the current standard, regardless of the area of use. The color of the coating, according to the RAL palette, is provided with sufficient accuracy. So the designer can create a photorealistic visualization, the colors of which will be very close to the future architectural structure.

Types of facade panels for technical premises

“Mehbud” factory produces several types of standard lattice panels (siding) made of painted galvanized steel or aluminum for cladding walls and ceilings inside technical premises, as well as metal siding and cassettes for external suspended facade cladding of auto service buildings. When installing lattice cladding, it is very important to consider the ease of work execution and their high productivity. Additional savings are provided by the ability to combine horizontal bars with thicker metal (1-1.5 mm) when installing them in the lower rows, with thinner ones (0.7 mm) when installing them at a height of 1.5 m and above.

Panels made of thin metal do not meet the requirements of vandal resistance and resistance to strong wind pressure. Unfortunately, this aspect is often overlooked, with the argument of cost savings, leading to the purchase of cladding with a minimum metal sheet thickness (0.4-0.5 mm), which absolutely does not provide the necessary strength margin. A professional approach does not tolerate unreasonable cost-cutting and blatant disregard for construction norms! Therefore, when choosing panels for cladding, seek advice from the engineers and designers of our company.


Advantages of working with the “Mehbud” factory

Accumulated experience and modern equipment enable the production of cladding elements from thicker metal ranging from 1.5 to 3 mm, with a length of lamellas up to 3 m, which is a mandatory requirement for framing the entrance groups in car service stations (STOs) and cladding the building facade plinths.

The standard production systems of the “Mehbud” factory are supplemented by custom sizes, both in width and length of bars and metal cladding cassettes. Additional boxes for exhaust ventilation, channels for water pipes, and communications are also made from metal sheets painted in an identical color to the cladding elements. Providing a complete set of interior wall cladding and suspended facade ─ is a beneficial partnership with the factory.

Our enterprise is the only one in Ukraine that manufactures facade elements on high-tech equipment.

Assistance in choosing the cladding for your STO facade – is provided by our expert Vladimir Rublenko.

Economic Benefits and Long-Term Perspectives

Hanging facades from the “Mehbud” factory are not only aesthetically appealing solutions for car service stations (STOs) but also represent a profitable long-term investment.

  • Reduction in heating and air conditioning costs: “Mehbud” facade systems possess high thermal insulation properties, allowing for a reduction in heating and air conditioning expenses for STO premises.
  • Decrease in repair and maintenance costs: “Mehbud” facade panels are resistant to mechanical damage, corrosion, atmospheric influences, and fading. This means you won’t have to spend money on facade repairs for many years.
  • Durability: The service life of “Mehbud” hanging facades exceeds 50 years. This implies that you won’t need to replace the STO facade for the next several decades.
  • Aesthetics: The attractive appearance of the STO facade using “Mehbud” panels will enhance your company’s image and attract new customers.


Завод “Мехбуд” предлагает широкий выбор фасадных панелей различных цветов, фактур и дизайнов. Вы можете выбрать панели, которые будут идеально сочетаться с архитектурой вашего СТО и подчеркнут его индивидуальность.

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  • STO 6
  • STO 7
  • STO 8
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