Blinds Fences: From the Craftsmen of the Mehbud Factory for Discerning Buyers
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June 17, 2024

Blinds Fences: From the Craftsmen of the Mehbud Factory for Discerning Buyers

Blinds Fences: A Worthy Enhancement for Your Property!

Just as diamonds require a valuable setting, homes with beautiful landscape designs demand a worthy enclosure.

One of the unique fencing structures is the blinds fence, manufactured by the “MehBud” factory. The company produces several types of fences with a blinds effect, depending on the purpose of the area, operating conditions, and customer requirements:

  • “Premium”
  • “Exclusive Lego”
  • “Classic”

In this overview, we’ll specifically discuss these types of fences, which are gaining increasing and well-deserved popularity.

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Requirements for Fences on Private Property

Fencing for private property can take various forms. The differences lie not only in size, design, or materials but, more importantly, in the functionality of the enclosure. It can be either solid or nearly transparent, offering privacy or being highly decorative.

When choosing a fence for your home, land, or business, you face a rather complex decision:

  1. On the one hand, the fence should provide privacy.
  2. On the other hand, it should allow light and air to pass through, as a solid wall, over 2 meters in height, is not an ideal choice from both a design and livability perspective.
  3. Consider the regulatory aspects as well: solid fences on the property boundary are permissible only if they don’t exceed 1.5 meters in height.

If you plan to install a taller enclosure but still want to maintain lighting, visibility, and ventilation, then you should pay attention to the products offered by the “MehBud” factory. Alongside traditional fence structures, their product range includes so-called blinds fences.

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Characteristics of Blinds Fences

Like any other fencing structures, blinds fences are installed around the perimeter of a property or another area. The specific characteristics of these fences and their operational advantages are primarily determined by the construction features:

  • Supporting elements of the fence – vertical supports. Blinds fences from the “MehBud” company can be installed on posts made of metal, concrete, brick, and more.
  • Fence sections consist of horizontal slats fixed on guides. These slats are made from galvanized steel with thicknesses of 0.45, 0.7, and 1.0 mm and feature a polymer coating. This design ensures the fence sections are robust, lightweight, and resistant to corrosion from moisture and other climatic factors.
  • In addition to corrosion protection, the polymer coating on the slats (polyester or powder enamel) also serves aesthetic purposes. The slats can be painted in any RAL color, allowing you to give your property’s fence the desired individuality and harmonious integration with other landscape elements.
  • During the installation of fence sections, the slats are fastened to the vertical guides at an angle, which is why this type of fence is called “blinds.” This arrangement of slats provides privacy from prying eyes while maintaining good levels of natural light and ventilation.
  • The width of a blinds fence section is limited by the length of the standard slat (2.5-3 meters). The height can be arbitrary and depends solely on the dimensions of the supporting posts.
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A blinds fence includes:

  • Profiled slats (strips) made of galvanized steel.
  • Galvanized steel decorative posts.
  • Additional elements.
  • Foundations for supports (used for installation on a concrete foundation). The complete set for blinds fences is provided by the “MehBud” factory.

Model Range from the “MehBud” Company

The MEHBUD factory is a recognized leader in the production of blinds fences. The product range of such fences includes the following series:

  • Premium” – the most durable type of fencing structure, assembled from thick steel slats with a durable protective and decorative coating. The “Premium” blinds fence also looks impeccable, which is why it is used to enclose premium-class properties, such as elite cottage villages, countryside recreational complexes, hotels, and more. In terms of operational qualities, durability, and corrosion resistance, the “Premium” blinds fence surpasses all existing analogs on the market. Hidden slat mounting on the posts is another advantage, making the structure not only more attractive but also more tamper-resistant.
  • Exclusive Lego” – another worthy solution that combines strength, an attractive appearance, and a long service life. One of the peculiarities of the “Exclusive Lego” blinds fence is the unique arrangement of the slats. On the one hand, it allows natural ventilation, and on the other hand, it effectively protects the area from strong winds and drafts. The main advantage, however, is the modular structure of the fence, which inspired the use of the term “Lego” in the name. This type of blinds fence is assembled like a construction kit, which means that no substructure installation is required. So, if you need to enclose an area with minimal time and effort, “Exclusive Lego” is the choice!
  • Exclusive XL – this model retains all the advantages of such blinds fences, while the increased width of the slat makes it look even more organic, making it ideal for premium-class properties – both residential and commercial.
  • Exclusive” – These fences allow you to create an enclosure according to your needs and provide an appearance that blends seamlessly with bold design concepts.
  • Standard” – These fences combine affordability and style, offering long-lasting aesthetics and reliability.
  • “Eco” – These fences remind us of the importance of environmentally friendly solutions and offer an excellent option for nature enthusiasts.
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  • Classic” – a blinds fence with a more traditional design, which is mounted on a frame made of metal elements (it is recommended to use steel profile tubes with a cross-section of at least 40×40 mm). Despite its apparent lightness and elegance, the “Classic” blinds fence possesses all the advantages of more expensive fences. Its sections provide excellent protection against unauthorized access to the property while allowing for natural ventilation and lighting to be maintained.

The choice of a blinds fence series is primarily determined by the purpose of the fence. Where increased strength is required, it is advisable to install structures made from thick and wide slats. If the appearance of the fence and good area lighting are essential, budget-friendly options can also be considered. While these fences are slightly more affordable, they are sufficiently durable and reliable for use in private construction.

Advantages of Blinds Fences

Despite the fact that different series of blinds fences from the “MehBud” factory may differ in functional parameters, they share common advantages for their owners:

  • Combination of lightness and strength in the construction. Even the most durable slats made from 1mm thick steel are relatively lightweight and do not deform under their weight. The slats’ profile ensures their rigidity, allowing the elements of the assembled fence to maintain their shape.
  • Product durability. Both the zinc coating and the polymer layer provide reliable protection for metal components against corrosion from moisture, UV exposure, and temperature fluctuations. Over time, the coating colors do not fade, so with minimal effort from your side, a blinds fence will look like new even after several years of installation.
  • Property protection. The design with slanted slats is designed to make it impossible for pets and birds to penetrate through the fence’s sections. Trespassing through such a fence, especially from the outside, is also quite challenging for potential intruders.
  • Privacy and natural lighting. The slanted slats make the fence impermeable to prying eyes, allowing you to feel completely free within your property. Moreover, sunlight easily permeates the area behind the fence, providing an adequate amount of diffused light to plants planted alongside it.
  • Preservation of natural ventilation. Solid fences act as obstacles to the wind, causing turbulent airflow along the fence, leading to soil erosion and the generation of excess dust. Blinds fences allow air to flow freely, combining protection from strong winds with good ventilation.
  • Sound insulation qualities. The fence effectively isolates external noise. The slats themselves, securely attached to the guides, do not vibrate or make noise, even during strong winds.
  • Easy maintenance. To keep the slats in their original condition, all that’s required is periodic cleaning with a damp cloth or the use of a pressure washer. The chemical resistance of the polymer coating allows you to remove graffiti made by vandals using solvents.

In addition to the above, it’s important to remember the presentable appearance of blinds fences. They are notably more attractive than other fence structures. The original construction of diagonal slat sections, as well as the option to paint the fence in any color according to the customer’s preference, contribute to this.

This combination of advantages, which is difficult to find in any other type of fencing, is the main reason for the popularity of blinds fences. While they may not completely dominate the market, in their niche, blinds fences are gradually becoming one of the most sought-after options.

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Blind fences from the Mehbud factory are not just enclosures; they are a designer solution that will enrich your property and add character to your space. Regardless of the purpose you have in mind for blinds fencing, they are perfectly suitable for various applications.

Blind fences are ideal for enclosing large areas, including:

  • Industrial facilities
  • Airports
  • Sports complexes
  • Country recreational complexes
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Cottage communities
  • Individual houses

They are effectively installed for protecting engineering equipment such as:

  • Geodetic and pumping stations
  • Water towers
  • Gas and oil transfer stations
  • Compressors
  • Backup generators
  • Industrial containers
  • Tanks for storing technical substances and liquids, and more.

Mehbud’s blinds fencing stands out with its aesthetic design and reliability. They can be adapted to various design concepts and requirements. With a wide range of models and color options, you always have the opportunity to choose a fence that complements the style and needs of your project.


One of the advantages of blinds fencing is the relatively simple and quick installation:

  • “Blinds” fencing can be installed on a foundation or directly into the ground beneath a concrete shoe.
  • Posts are also installed (with exceptions as described above), but additional metallic bases are required.
  • Tolerance for deviation from the nominal distance between posts is ±10 mm, and from the vertical, not exceeding 2 mm per meter.
  • The fencing is assembled, and assembly takes place on-site.

Please note! Despite the simplicity of installation, when enclosing a large area or a significant structure, it is advisable to develop a project (to avoid a range of errors). If necessary, you can order the development of design documentation from specialists in our company.

For the first few years, blinds fencing does not require maintenance, except for cleaning from occasional dirt:

  • The surface of the slats is smooth and can be easily cleaned with household cleaning agents.
  • Further maintenance requires no special tools and time — periodic wiping with a damp cloth as dirt accumulates.
  • In the case of sections with a glossy finish, they self-clean after heavy rain.
  • You can also periodically wash the fence with a hose, applying water at moderate pressure; the corrosion resistance of the coating allows the fence to withstand rust, while dirt and dust will wash off very well.
  • To remove graffiti drawings, solvents such as heptane, hexane, petroleum ether, and white spirit are used.
  • In more “stubborn” cases, you can use automotive detailing products, after testing them in an inconspicuous area of the fence. Another aspect to consider is the coating’s resistance to UV radiation. The fence does not need protection from direct sunlight: the protective decorative coating will not only not peel or degrade even after 5-10 years of use without shading but also will not fade.

The only thing to pay attention to is the absence of mechanical damage. If, as a result of a severe impact, the polymer coating or powder enamel is removed from the metal base of the slats, the base may start to rust over time. To prevent this, the damaged area should be cleaned, degreased, and treated with paint that will protect the metal from corrosion.


Blind fences from the Mehbud factory meet high-quality standards, from aesthetics to functionality. They are available in a wide range of colors to seamlessly blend into any design and satisfy even the most demanding style requirements.

Our blind fences are crafted using the latest technologies, allowing them to be customized to any size to fit the specifics of your space. They can be installed quickly and easily, saving time and effort.

However, the main distinguishing feature of our blind fences among other counterparts in the market is their unparalleled quality. Every detail is made with meticulous attention to the smallest aspect, and high-quality materials ensure durability and reliability.

Our blind fences not only stand out with exceptional characteristics but also adhere to the highest quality and safety standards. We take pride in our certification, confirming that Mehbud factory products meet all necessary norms and requirements. These certificates are a testament to our commitment to providing you with the most reliable and high-quality enclosures.

Choose the perfect model from our range of blind fences and entrust the installation to our professional teams. We are confident that you will appreciate all the benefits of our products!

Optimize your space with Mehbud factory’s blind fences! Contact us today to learn more or place an order!

Choose the suitable lineup from the range of blind fences, entrust the construction’s installation to professionals, and you will truly appreciate all their advantages!

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