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November 3, 2023

Types of blinds fences from the Mehbud factory

For most of us, a reliable and sturdy fence is associated with a tall and solid wall. But these are just stereotypes! Today, there is an elegant and beautiful solution available on the market – blinds fences.

Metal blinds fences have a modern, easy, and beautiful appearance. At the same time, they securely protect the owner’s property. They represent the perfect combination of high functionality, structural strength, and a subtle exterior look. Thanks to the unique design of the blinds fence, it provides ventilation for your entire property while keeping it secure from prying eyes. One of the many advantages of blinds fences is their variety. I invite you to explore the range of blinds fence models produced at the Mehbud factory.


The “Premium” blinds fence is one of the most reliable models of fences that emphasizes the homeowners’ level of prosperity. Fence sections can have lengths of 2.0, 2.5, or 3.0 meters. The dimensions of the slats in cross-section are 15 x 20 cm. The material is galvanized steel (1 mm) with a polymer coating. The choice of section colors is very wide, according to the RAL catalog. This allows you to match the fence to the same color scheme as your roof and house walls.

Advantages of the “Premium” model:

  • Durability of the fence due to the excellent anti-corrosion properties of galvanized steel and a well-thought-out fence design.
  • Guaranteed privacy of the property, thanks to the slat angle.
  • Good ventilation of the enclosed area.
  • Structural reliability: resistance to bending and securely fixed slats.
  • Aesthetic and neat appearance on both sides since the fastening elements are hidden.

The hidden fastening elements make the “Premium” blinds fence exceptionally neat and aesthetically pleasing on both the external and internal sides. This fence not only serves as a reliable protection for your home but also enhances the appearance of your property, giving it an elegant look.

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The “Classic” blinds fence is transparent, allowing scattered sunlight to penetrate the property while preventing the formation of air swirls that can damage the soil. This fence provides a good view of the area while ensuring complete privacy for your property.

The “Classic” blinds fence model is supplied in components (slats + additional elements). To assemble the “Classic” model, a frame is required, recommended to be made from a square metal pipe measuring 40×40 mm.

Installing the “Classic” model is easy and can be done with minimal time and effort. The included additional elements allow you to customize the fence to the shape and size of your property, as well as add decorative elements to give it individuality and style. Thus, the “Classic” blinds fence combines functionality, privacy, and aesthetic design, making it an ideal choice for modern property owners.

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The “Standard” blinds fence belongs to the open type of fences, with rails attached at specific intervals. This fence ensures good air circulation, illumination, and ventilation of your property while preventing the formation of air swirls that can damage the soil. Visibility from both sides is quite good when using this type of blinds fence. Therefore, for greater privacy of your property, fences like “Classic” and “Exclusive” are recommended.

“Standard” blinds are the most budget-friendly option in the Mehbud factory’s product range. This type of fencing offers an optimal solution for those who value cost-effectiveness but do not want to compromise on quality and functionality. Thanks to its affordable price and reliable materials used in its production, this fence becomes accessible to a wide range of users. It is ideal for creating a light and airy atmosphere on your property while maintaining an excellent balance between price and quality.

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STANDARD Closed Blinds

This is a solid metal fence made of galvanized steel with a 0.45 mm polymer coating, consisting of parallel profiles fixed horizontally. The aesthetics and ease of assembly of this construction make it popular among consumers. For this type of fence, a substructure (frame) made of a square pipe measuring 40×40 mm is required.

Providing a wide range of color choices and finishes, closed-type “Standard” blinds allow you to select the optimal combination that complements the style of your home and landscape. You can choose a subtle color that blends with the surroundings or a bold accent that adds uniqueness and individuality to your property.

The distinctive feature of this model is its adaptability to various design styles. From modern minimalism to classic design, closed-type “Standard” blinds fit various architectural solutions and offer flexibility in decorating your property.

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The Exclusive Blinds fence from the Mehbud factory has a modern, easy, and beautiful appearance while providing reliable protection for the owner’s property. This type of fence is characterized by its attractiveness and is perfect for homeowners looking to emphasize the stylish design of their property. By choosing the slat shape and color (with the option of producing parts with a wood texture – in this case, a PRINTECH coating is applied to the metal), you can select blinds that match any architectural ensemble.

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, the Exclusive Blinds fence has the following features:

  • Ventilation: The fence allows for the ventilation of the property, important for maintaining fresh air and plants.
  • Versatility: The fence is suitable for any property, regardless of its size and landscape.
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The “Exclusive Lego” blinds fence is a sectional enclosure that does not require additional substructures (frames) for installation. Sections are directly attached to the columns.

This type of fence is ideal for:

  • Cottage communities
  • Country hotels and resorts
  • Country restaurants

The area enclosed by the “Exclusive Lego” blinds fence will look aesthetically attractive while providing excellent functionality:

  • Enhanced ventilation and illumination
  • Resistance to strong wind gusts
  • Good external visibility of the surroundings
  • Guaranteed privacy for residents, combined with a good external view of the surroundings

Materials used: galvanized steel with a polymer coating.

Slat length: up to 2.5 meters.

Metal thickness: 0.45-0.7 mm.

Attachment: to columns (metal, brick, concrete).

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The main feature of the “Exclusive XL” Blinds fence is the increased width of the slats. The overall width is 180 mm, and the visible front side width is 105 mm. This fence section looks exceptionally organic and harmoniously fits with both classic and modern architectural facades.

High-quality metal with a thickness of 0.7 mm and a protective decorative polymer coating is used for production. Extensive possibilities for customization allow you to create the “Exclusive XL” blinds fence in any color. It is also possible to apply a wood texture.

The use of thick galvanized metal and reliable polymer coatings effectively protects the fence from corrosion, including in unfavorable climates. Furthermore, the polymer protective decorative coating does not fade over time, thanks to the high resistance of the pigments to UV radiation, ensuring the preservation of the shade and the appearance of the exclusive object.

Slats with increased width look incredibly organic, and the fence section appears solid and perfectly integrates into any architectural solution. The ability to paint it in any color from the RAL catalog makes the design potential of the “Exclusive XL” blinds fence practically limitless.



  • High Quality: Mehbud blinds fences are made from strong and durable materials, ensuring a long service life.
  • Excellent Protection: They provide excellent protection from prying eyes, allowing you to maintain your privacy.
  • Variety of Designs: Mehbud factory offers a wide selection of designs and sizes, allowing you to choose a fence that perfectly suits your home or business.
  • Easy Installation: Mehbud blinds fences are easy to install, saving you time and money.
  • Reliability: The sturdy construction and quality materials ensure reliability and resistance to weather conditions.
  • Individual Approach: The factory offers individual solutions for each customer, considering all their preferences and the specifics of the property.
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