Fences for resort areas from the “Mehbud” factory Комплексные решения для ограждения курортных зон и пансионатов
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September 22, 2023

Fences for resort areas from the “Mehbud” factory

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In recent years, the requirements for health complexes and their infrastructure have significantly increased. Today, vacationers expect not only comfort and safety but also aesthetic appeal of the surrounding space. In this context, the choice of the right fencing becomes especially important.

The “Mehbud” factory offers a wide range of metal fences that not only provide safety and functionality but can also enhance any area, emphasizing its uniqueness and style. Thanks to the use of modern technologies and materials, “Mehbud” fences are characterized by high strength, durability, and resistance to external influences.

Furthermore, “Mehbud” offers comprehensive solutions for fencing resort areas and sanatoriums, including project development, manufacturing, and installation of fences. This allows customers to save time and resources, ultimately receiving a high-quality product that fully meets their needs and expectations.



Ventilation fences have perforated openings that provide excellent airflow. They are ideal for recreational areas where natural ventilation is important. Ventilation fences can also be used to create privacy, but they do not offer the same level of protection from prying eyes as solid fences.

Ventilation fence models: RanchoRhomboRombo LightEl Rancho.


Blind fences have slats arranged at an angle. They provide good privacy while allowing air circulation. Blind fences can also be used to create privacy and style.

Blind fence models: ClassicStandardExclusive XLPremiumExclusive, Exclusive Lego.


Solid fences have no perforations. They provide maximum protection from prying eyes, noise, and adverse weather conditions. Solid fences are ideal for recreational areas where maintaining privacy and safety is important.

Solid fence models: HorizontBrusVerticalMehbud Double.

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Modern health complexes consist of residential buildings, sports facilities and pools, recreational areas, cafes, restaurants, medical facilities, service areas, and even private beaches.

The complex’s territory must be securely fenced to ensure that guests feel comfortable and protected, and the fencing structures should be durable, environmentally friendly, and compliant with current sanitary and construction regulations.

All of these requirements are fully met by the products produced by the “Mehbud” factory.

Advantages of Metal Fences for Health Complexes:

  1. The fences are coated with a polymer finish, providing an excellent appearance.
  2. The option to choose color and texture.
  3. Environmental friendliness of materials and compliance with construction standards.

Metal fences are well-suited not only for enclosing the entire territory of a health complex but also for zoning the internal infrastructure, including:

  • Playgrounds and sports courts, tennis courts.
  • Family cottages.
  • SPA zones.
  • Pools.
  • Beaches.


Specialists from the “Mehbud” factory recommend using Premium blinds-type fencing to enclose the entrance area of the health complex. This type of fence will effectively emphasize the high status or unique architectural style of the complex.

If the health complex is located in a forested area, then you can enclose its territory with a solid fence. The Brus and Brus Wall metal fences can be adorned with a wood texture pattern (ash, walnut, oak, and others, imitating both light and dark wood species). This complements the design of those health complexes that place a special emphasis on natural beauty and authenticity.


If the health complex provides the possibility of accommodation in separate cottages or has open areas for dining, they can be separated by low fencing.

For this purpose, you can install a metal “Rancho” fence, consisting of two or three lamellae, or the “Shtaketnik” or “Tyn” structures, which have a light appearance, are easily adjustable in height, and do not hinder the communication of guests.


Fencing around pools and beaches should create a sense of comfort and privacy.

Standard and Exclusive blind-type fences are made from corrosion-resistant metal, and the finish of the fence elements is resistant to fading and UV exposure.

Guests can see what’s happening outside the recreation area, while at the same time, they are protected from casual visitors and unwanted gazes.

Fencing for playgrounds, sports areas, and tennis courts

Each health complex has various play areas located on its premises.

For their enclosure, the “Standard” blind-type fence models are an excellent choice, as they allow ample sunlight and fresh air, which is crucial for sports areas.

In the metal “Brus” fence, materials with sharp angles are not used. Therefore, it will be absolutely safe in places where there are many children. Such a fence can be painted in bright colors or have various textures applied to it.


If you are looking for a fence for your resort, fences from the “Mehbud” factory are the perfect choice. They are durable, reliable, and stylish, and they will serve you for many years.

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