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November 3, 2023

Fences from MehBud – for your property

The modern market of fencing structures is changing, and it is changing rapidly. If in the past, wooden picket fences and chain-link constructions replaced with panel concrete fences, today even they are gradually leaving the market. Modern panel metal fences are competing for their niche.

The ‘MehBud’ factory specializes in the production of these enclosures. Since the release of the first batch of products, the technologies used have been continuously improved, and the range of fences is expanding. This allows us to offer customers modern structures with excellent aesthetic and operational qualities. All types of fences produced at the enterprise not only look beautiful but also serve flawlessly for many years.



In Ukraine, and in Eastern Europe as a whole, metal fences are only now gaining popularity. The reason is simple: unlike wooden, concrete, and chain-link fences, it is very difficult (or rather, almost impossible) to produce metal panels in small-scale conditions. To ensure the required quality of the products, achieve a perfect appearance, and guarantee a long service life even in challenging climatic conditions, qualified specialists should be involved in the production process.

There are three key factors for success:

  • High-Quality Raw Materials: Thin sheet metal with a thickness ranging from 0.45 to 1.5 mm serves as the primary material for manufacturing different types of fences. We use galvanized steel with a durable protective and decorative coating. This ensures that the finished products have excellent aesthetic qualities and prevents corrosion even after many years of use.

Important! High-quality metal is significantly better at bending while retaining its shape and strength at bends. This reduces the rate of defects during production and eliminates complications during the construction process, allowing all types of fences from our production to be assembled without additional adjustments on-site.

  • Modern Equipment: Small companies working with thin sheet metal typically use manual tools or basic machinery. However, the production facilities of the ‘MehBud’ factory are equipped with modern CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines, including guillotine shears and hydraulic presses. The result is perfectly precise material cutting and bending, allowing for the creation of smooth contours and rigid edges. Even complex types of fences leave our workshops with impeccable configurations.
  • Experienced Staff: Specialists with high qualifications are responsible for the design, production, and quality control of metal panel enclosures. It is their expertise that guarantees that the fence will meet all of the customer’s expectations.

Another advantage is the extensive range of fences made from thin sheet metal with polymer coating. The product lineup includes both ventilated and solid types of fences, as well as blinds fences that combine the advantages of both options.”


The ‘MehBud’ factory produces various types of fences, but they can be roughly divided into three major categories:

  1. Ventilated.
  2. Solid.
  3. Blinds Fences.

Ventilated types of fences from ‘MehBud’ are assembled from individual slats installed at specific intervals from each other. Gaps between the slats provide natural lighting to the area and allow for free air circulation. The most common type of ventilated enclosure is the Rancho panel fence.

It is available in three variations:

  • Single-sided Rancho: The simplest option with slat widths of 100 or 130 mm. It is made from metal with a thickness ranging from 0.45 to 0.7 mm, along with stiffening ribs, ensuring high resistance to deformation for slats up to 3 meters in length.
  • Double-sided Rancho: Assembled from the same slats, but they are installed in two rows with complete or partial gap overlap. Double-sided Rancho looks the same from both the outside and inside of the property. These types of fences are known for their increased strength, resistance to wind loads, and excellent resistance to break-ins.
  • Wide (180 mm) Rancho: Noteworthy for its use of larger slats. The wider elements allow for the formation of robust sections that look substantial even at significant fence heights.

Overall, all types of Rancho fences complement private properties and harmonize with structures in the classic style. Thanks to their design, they closely mimic wooden picket fences. The ‘wood-like’ decor makes the fence almost indistinguishable from a wooden one (naturally, it surpasses wood in terms of durability and service life).


Solid types of fences from ‘MehBud’ are particularly effective because they provide maximum security for the property, ensuring privacy and protection against unauthorized intrusion. In addition, the joints of the solid fence slats act as additional stiffening ribs. Therefore, even large sections of the enclosure do not deform under their weight or strong wind pressure.

The company manufactures the following types of solid fences:

The first variety is designed for highly effective access restriction to the property. Using slats made from metal with a thickness of up to 0.7 mm ensures high strength and resistance to deformation, even for the longest slats (up to 12 meters).

Brus is a construction that combines excellent mechanical qualities with high aesthetic standards. The slat configuration was initially designed to closely mimic the shape of wooden beams assembled into a single unit. When coated to simulate the texture of natural wood, the brus fence becomes indistinguishable from a wooden one. This makes it suitable for both private homes, country retreats, and restaurants with a traditional style.


When choosing between ventilated and solid enclosures, many customers faced a dilemma because both types of fences have their own advantages. Now, the ‘MehBud’ factory offers an optimal solution that combines the strengths of both solid and ventilated designs – Blinds Fences.

The most significant feature of such fences is the diagonal placement of slats. Panels are installed not vertically or horizontally, but at an angle. As a result, gaps between them are maintained but partially overlapped. This increases the level of privacy compared to ventilated fences. Additionally, the natural lighting and air circulation levels surpass those of solid fences.

The ‘MehBud’ factory’s product line includes the following options:

  • Blinds Exclusive allows you to create a fence according to your needs and provides an appearance that complements even the boldest design concepts.
  • Blinds Standard is a simple yet effective solution based on lightweight slats (metal thickness ranging from 0.45 to 0.7 mm).
  • Blinds Exclusive Lego features a unique assembly method where sections are ‘constructed’ from individual modules like building blocks. As a result, assembly takes 20-30 minutes, significantly speeding up the installation of fences, even around large properties.
  • Blinds Premium is perhaps one of the best offers in the segment of metal enclosures on the modern market. The use of galvanized steel slats with polymer coating (thickness – from 1 mm) makes the fence highly durable and practically everlasting. The service life of the structure spans decades, and the fence remains unaffected by corrosion or fading due to direct sunlight exposure.
  • Blinds Eco serves as a reminder of the importance of environmentally friendly solutions and provides an excellent option for nature enthusiasts.
  • Blinds Classic is a blinds fence with a more traditional design, which is mounted on a metal frame.
  • Blinds Exclusive XL features wider slats, with a total width of 180 mm and a visible front width of 105 mm. Thanks to this, the assembled fence section looks exceptionally organic, and the fence harmoniously complements both classic and modern facade solutions.

Overall, all types of fences from the Blinds product line will be an excellent addition to private residences, public buildings, and commercial properties. Considering the extensive decorative possibilities and long service life, the choice in favor of these types of fences from ‘MehBud’ becomes practically obvious.


The ‘Rombo’ series of fences from the ‘MehBud’ factory represents a harmonious blend of efficiency, style, and quality. These two unique variations, ‘Rombo’ and ‘Rombo Light,’ stand out with their aesthetic expressiveness and innovative approach to fence design.

  • Rombo Light. Its design will captivate you at first sight. Vertical boundaries narrowing towards the top and bottom create an almost impenetrable wall effect while providing ventilation and allowing sunlight to pass through.
  • Rombo. Wide vertical facets shape the main surface, and the beveled top and bottom facets reduce the gap width. This design retains the enclosure’s ventilation and sunlight permeability, but it visually presents the fence as almost a solid wall.


Despite the diversity of protective structures, all ‘MehBud’ fences share common advantages, including:

  • High mechanical strength.
  • Resistance to intrusion attempts, wind loads, and operational stresses.
  • Climate resistance – the metal and its coating are corrosion-resistant, unaffected by temperature fluctuations, and not susceptible to ultraviolet degradation.
  • Well-thought-out configurations – each model is unique and effectively fulfills its designated tasks.
  • Aesthetic appearance, encompassing both section shapes filled with metal slats and color choices. The product range includes the option for standard colors, custom RAL color painting, and the imitation of wood or other textures through high-precision offset printing using PRINTECH technology.

Furthermore, ‘MehBud’ fences are relatively lightweight structures. As a result, they exert minimal stress on the foundation, eliminating the need for a deep and heavy foundation. Moreover, factory-precisely sized components are easy to assemble, and models like ‘Blinds Exclusive Lego‘ do not require fasteners, significantly reducing fence installation time.



The MehBud factory puts in maximum effort to provide its customers with the highest quality products. We closely monitor all production stages, starting from material selection and ending with the quality control of the finished products. Our galvanized steel adheres to the strictest standards, and certification is an integral part of our production, ensuring a long service life and high corrosion resistance.

Certificates for our products confirm not only the quality of materials but also the compliance of the product’s structure and design with high standards. We are proud that our products can meet the strictest customer requirements, and our certificates attest to that.

When you choose fences from MehBud, you are not only getting a fence but also investing in quality and reliability. Our fences serve for a long time while maintaining their aesthetics, making your property attractive and secure.


Despite the simplicity of the construction and its ergonomics (we mentioned earlier that all types of fences from MehBud are easy to install), several rules should be followed during installation:

  • Before starting installation work, a fence project should be developed, taking into account the plot area, its configuration, terrain, and soil characteristics.
  • Different types of fences require different types of foundations. Therefore, the optimal parameters of the load-bearing foundation should be calculated by experienced specialists.
  • The protective structure itself can be mounted on any sturdy supporting framework. This can include metal posts, brick piers, and so on.
  • Despite the fact that some types of fences from MehBud do not require additional fastening during installation, it is important to use high-quality fasteners.
  • Care should be taken to minimize damage to the protective-decorative coating, as the fewer damages it has, the longer the structure will last.


The use of high-quality raw materials, high manufacturing standards, professional design, and a well-thought-out approach to product assortment allow MehBud fences to meet the highest quality standards. Such fences will enhance any property, whether it’s a private residence, cottage community, public institution, or commercial property. All types of fences from MehBud will serve faithfully for a long time, effectively protecting the area from unwanted intrusions.

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