How to decorate a fence for New Year?
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December 12, 2023

How to decorate a fence for New Year?

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Before the New Year and Christmas holidays, we all strive to decorate our homes not only inside but also outside. Many people, focusing all their attention on the house and the area in front of it, tend to forget about the fence.

However, the fence is, in many ways, the “face” of our property, and it plays a crucial role in forming first impressions. So, it’s worth spending a little time (and money, inevitably) to decorate the fence for the New Year.

How to do it and what to consider in the process are outlined in our brief overview!


When planning fence decoration, trust your sense of style: special design innovations are not required here; rather, proven options work well. However, before starting the work, pay attention to several nuances:

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  • The first thing to consider is the location of the house with the fence. If you’re fortunate to live in a quiet neighborhood (especially in a secured cottage community), your choices for decor are almost limitless. However, if your house’s fence faces a busy street, decoration might be limited to the inside and the top edge. Unfortunately, anything left outside could be stolen or vandalized.
  • The second important aspect is stylistic unity. It’s desirable for the fence decor to harmonize with the decor of the house itself. This way, the entire ensemble will look organic, and individual elements won’t stand out too brightly (or, conversely, too dim) against the overall background. However, this doesn’t mean you should forgo decorations if your house is styled in a restrained (European or Scandinavian) manner. The holiday season is precisely the time to relax architectural principles and emphasize both the fence and the entire property. In any case, Europeans often follow this approach; it’s worth emulating their example.
  • Don’t forget about safety: wooden fences can be at risk of fire due to overheating or short circuits from garlands or lanterns. From this perspective, metal panel fences are safer. On one hand, the polymer coating protects the metal from possible contact with wiring, and on the other hand, the structure itself boasts the highest fire resistance. Another crucial safety aspect is the risk of fire from fireworks. Even if you have a fire-resistant metal fence, it’s advisable not to decorate it with a large amount of flammable materials (paper, polymers, etc.). While the fence will withstand, the protective-decorative polymer coating will be irreparably damaged: by the time the decor burns, the polymer protective layer will melt. Restoring it will be very difficult (and often impossible).


If the general principles are clear, let’s take a look at what can be used to decorate the fence.

  • The simplest option is snowflakes and colorful garlands made of fabric or plastic. They are relatively inexpensive, allowing you to decorate the entire fence from the front side with minimal cost. This type of decor looks particularly attractive, especially if the weather is favorable and snow falls on the fences under bright sunlight.

Note! For a small fence, you can make such decorations yourself. Firstly, this will make your home truly unique—no one else will have such decorations. Secondly, the process of making garlands with the whole family can start as early as October-November. Believe me, crafting decorations for the New Year is an excellent remedy against any signs of autumn depression!

  • Natural and artificial fir branches are another traditional solution for fence decoration. They can be hung as garlands with ribbons or attached to supporting posts, transforming them into small Christmas trees. Of course, there’s no need to barbarically break trees in the forest or parks to obtain such branches. You can buy them for a very affordable price at major Christmas tree markets.
  • Artificial snow on parapets and post caps is a good solution if the New Year holidays come with thaw. It may not compare with the real thing, but it helps create a festive atmosphere. Naturally, you should choose high-quality varieties of artificial snow—those with low flammability and resistance to moisture. Cheap artificial snow rarely lasts more than a day, so by January 2nd, your fence may not look its best.

All of these are elements of daytime decor. At night, various garlands will adorn the fence. The choice of garlands depends on the construction: panel fences are usually adorned with “nets” or LED strips in transparent or colored protective tubes. On solid fences, you can place real light panels that form patterns or New Year scenes. By the way, such decor is suitable not only for private houses but also for the fences of public and commercial buildings—such as restaurants or hotel complexes.

Another excellent decoration for the fence is lanterns on supporting posts. Even if you already have them installed, it’s worth spending an hour or two to decorate each one with a couple of ribbons or a small garland. Even simple colored filters will do—yes, there will be slightly less light, but with the onset of darkness, the fence will glow in different colors.

If you didn’t have lanterns before, then the New Year is an excellent reason to install at least a few on the facade. Such a change will certainly not go unnoticed and will contribute to creating a festive atmosphere.



Even if you’re not expecting guests, rest assured—come New Year, they will come to you (if not some, then others). Therefore, it’s worth properly decorating the entrance to your property. For gates and wickets, the following solutions are recommended:

  • Garland above the entrance: Perhaps, this is a classic decorative element that you shouldn’t do without. A beautiful arch made of fir branches, ribbons, and small Christmas balls will instantly set the right festive mood.
  • Lantern or several lanterns: In December and January, it gets dark early, so there’s no need to make guests wait at the gate in the dark. Even if the fence is illuminated with garlands, it’s worth concentrating them on the supporting posts of the gate—this way, the entrance will be beautifully lit.
  • Wreath made of fir branches on the wicket: Another traditional European decoration. It looks more than organic and fits perfectly into the overall New Year’s design.

And if the situation allows, you can place a snowman in a festive costume or decorate a small Christmas tree near the entrance. Such decoration guests will surely not miss (and it will be easier for you to explain how to find your home).

Decorating the fence for the New Year is not too difficult. But in doing so, you have the opportunity to transform not only your property but also to set a festive mood for the entire surrounding area.

And then, who knows, maybe the neighbors will join in!



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Every year, the Epicentrum Shopping Center offers a huge selection of garlands for external use (decorating houses, fences, territories, etc.). This “heavy” year is no exception! Here, you can find garlands and other decorations to suit any taste, which will surely please not only you but also those around you.


Leroy Merlin is an international retail company specializing in the sale of goods for home decoration and improvement, as well as gardening. Leroy Merlin helps people around the world improve their living spaces and enhance their quality of life.

For the New Year holidays, the company has prepared a vast selection of decorations for your property, including garlands for fences.


The “LEDWORLD” store offers a full range of LED products: outdoor garlands, indoor garlands, garlands of various types and designs, various New Year motifs, LED lamps, and much more.

The store features only high-quality LED products from leading manufacturers worldwide.


  1. Care during the holiday season:
    • Regular checks: Maintain the appearance of decorations by monitoring their condition during the holiday season.
    • Protection from moisture: Use waterproof materials during rain or snow to prevent damage to decorations from moisture.
    • Attention to light elements: Regularly check the operation of light garlands to avoid unexpected malfunctions.
  2. Storage after the New Year:
    • Packing in special containers: Place decorations in special containers or boxes to prevent damage during storage.
    • Separation of fragile elements: Avoid mechanical damage by separating more fragile details from sturdy materials.
    • Prevention of mechanical damage: Cover decorations with soft materials to avoid scratches and cracks.
  3. Reusing the decor:
    • Storage in a dry place: Keep decorations in a dry place to prevent damage from moisture or mold.
    • Style refresh: Make changes to the decor by updating its style or arrangement to create a new festive look.
    • Eco-friendly approach: Preserve decorations for the next year, incorporating environmentally friendly principles into caring for holiday decor.
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