Do you buy pre-assembled Lego sets?
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November 3, 2023

Do you buy pre-assembled Lego sets?

Installation of fencing – a complex and labor-intensive process, the optimization of which is the focus of engineers from many companies. One of the directions of such optimization is the reduction in the number of fastening elements used in fence assembly. This approach was used in the design of Exclusive Lego Blinds fences by Mehbud.


When it comes to Lego fences, some might envision the assembly of fences from pre-made large sections that need to be simply installed in openings. However, using such an approach would be equivalent to buying a pre-assembled Lego set. Creating full sections does not offer the flexibility and versatility achieved by assembling the fence from individual elements with a minimum of fastenings.

In the design of the Exclusive Lego Blinds fence, a different principle was used:

  • The foundation of the fence consists of profiled slats made from galvanized steel with a protective and decorative polymer coating. The slat profile is typical for blinds-fences, with an inclined orientation of the main surface allowing for a combination of the advantages of solid and ventilated fences.
  • For fastening, lateral guides are used, which are securely fixed to supporting posts or other vertical supports. The distance between the guides must closely match the size of the slats.
  • During installation, the slats are simply inserted into the slots of the guides and lowered down, without the use of fasteners. To maintain a fixed distance between the slats, spacer inserts are placed in between. Thanks to these spacers, the slats are held at an even distance from each other, making the fence look neat.

The assembly of sections follows a modular construction principle, where fasteners (screws or rivets) are not used. The modular design, with individual slats serving as modules, allows for the assembly of fences of arbitrary height, limited only by the height of the guides (and, consequently, the height of the supporting posts). Furthermore, if needed, the Exclusive Lego Blinds fence can be extended by increasing the height of the supports and “adding” sections of guides. The section itself will still appear as a whole.


What advantages does choosing Exclusive Lego Blinds fences offer? The main benefits are derived from the specific construction of the fence:

  • Lego fences are quickly assembled, much like the Lego construction sets they are named after. Thanks to precise fitting of parts to the size (slats are manufactured to the measurements of the specific opening with minimal tolerances), the construction can be assembled in the shortest time without the need for welding or mechanical fasteners. Minimal gaps between parts ensure the stability of the fence and a high margin of reliability.
  • The absence of fasteners – rivets or screws – has another important advantage. The metal of the slats remains intact because they are supported solely by their weight and rest on the sufficiently broad bases of the spacers. As a result, the steel base of the slat at the fastening point remains concealed, reducing the likelihood of corrosion.
  • An aesthetic appearance, ventilation, and good light transmission are basic characteristics of blinds-fences, and these features are also present in Exclusive Lego Blinds fences. Such fencing looks quite attractive and original while not causing excessive shading of the area, even at significant heights.

These advantages account for the growing demand for fences from the Exclusive Lego Blinds product line. Unfortunately, the popularity of such fences leads to some unpleasant consequences, namely, the proliferation of many low-quality imitations and blatant counterfeits.


As mentioned earlier, Lego fences are assembled in a modular fashion, where individual parts are customized to fit the dimensions and are assembled on-site (and this is done as quickly as possible). This approach to installation increases the popularity of the design, and the demand for Lego fences is on the rise.

However, the production of Lego fences comes with certain challenges, specifically the requirement for precise fitting of parts to the dimensions. Not all manufacturers of metal fences can achieve this level of quality. On the other hand, there is a desire to profit from selling construction kit fences.

As a result, “analogues” and “copies” of Lego fences appear on the market, which can only be considered construction kits in name. They lack full modular assembly with the ability to adjust section height, and they do not avoid the use of special fasteners:

  • The terms “Lego” or “construction kit” are mainly used as marketing tools.
  • Sometimes, there is direct deception, where the buyer is provided with a pre-made section for installation in an opening and is positioned as a “construction kit fence.”

Unfortunately, the situation involving the use of successful solutions by unscrupulous manufacturers is not unique to the Ukrainian market. On the contrary, such a situation is more typical, but ultimately, it is the buyer who suffers. That’s why, when planning to purchase a Lego metal fence, it’s essential to carefully examine its description. The Exclusive Lego Blinds fence from Mehbud’s factory has all the advantages of construction kit fences, so choosing this model will not disappoint your expectations.


The Mehbud factory is known for its innovative developments in the field of fence construction. One of its key innovations is the unique Lego fences, which differ from traditional constructions. The main feature of Mehbud’s Lego fences is their modular design, allowing the fence to be assembled without the use of screws and rivets. This is achieved through special Lego inserts that provide secure attachment of the blinds slats to each other. Such a design ensures high strength, durability, and an aesthetic appearance of the fence. Furthermore, the installation process is significantly simplified, making Mehbud’s Lego fences accessible and convenient to install.

Mehbud continues to explore new technologies and materials to ensure the highest quality and functionality of its products, with a particular focus on environmental friendliness and safety. This solidifies the factory’s reputation as a leader in the development and production of innovative fences.

Submit your request today and receive a professional consultation on Lego fencing!

Лариса Войская
About the author:

Квалифицированный, профессиональный  эксперт по ограждениям с многолетним опытом работы. Предоставление квалифицированной консультации в вопросе подбора дизайна и модели забора . Разработка проекта...

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