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November 14, 2023

Cheap Blinds Fence


In the realm of contemporary construction solutions, blinds-fencing holds a distinctive position owing to their uniqueness and functionality. The fundamental characteristics and benefits of these enclosures make them an exceptional choice for various properties:

  • Privacy and Ventilation Combination: A key advantage of blinds-fencing is its ability to seamlessly blend the features of solid and ventilated enclosures. This implies that they not only offer a high level of privacy for your home or commercial property but also facilitate free air circulation. This attribute makes them an ideal solution for regions with a warm climate or where maintaining airflow is essential.
  • Aesthetic Allure: Blinds-fencing is not only functional but also possesses high aesthetic value. Their modern and elegant appearance can enhance any facade, making it more stylish and attractive. The variety in design and color palette allows for individual customization, fitting into any architectural style.
  • Durability and Reliability: Blinds-fencing, made from high-quality materials, exhibit increased durability and the ability to withstand various weather conditions. Thanks to corrosion-resistant materials and quality processing, such blinds can serve for many years, preserving their initial appearance and structural integrity.
  • Versatility in Application: Blinds-fencing is suitable for both private residences and commercial or public buildings. They can be adapted to various conditions and requirements, making them a versatile solution for numerous construction projects.


These fences are not just a combination of attractive appearance and functionality, but also the result of a complex engineering and production process.

Key Aspects of Construction

  • Complexity of Construction: Blinds fences have a complex construction that requires precise combination of elements to ensure strength, stability, and durability. This is achieved through high-quality design and precise execution of all construction elements.
  • Professionalism in Production: Creation of this type of fences requires the coordinated work of a team of specialists: from design engineers and technologists to qualified machine operators. Each stage of production is important to ensure the quality and reliability of the finished product.
  • Material Requirements: High quality of materials used is a key factor in the production of blinds fences. Often galvanized steel or high-quality aluminum is used to prevent corrosion and ensure the durability of the construction.

Importance of Quality in Every Detail

  • Stiffeners: Stiffeners in the fence profile play a critical role in ensuring its strength and resistance to external influences, such as wind or mechanical impact.
  • High-quality Raw Materials: The use of high-quality raw materials, such as European galvanized steel, ensures durability and resistance to atmospheric influences, which is especially important in variable climates.
  • Precision of Processing: Precise processing of sheet metal and precise compliance with technical parameters are an integral part of creating high-quality blinds fences.

The emergence of blinds fences on the market was a true revolution. These structures, which combine the positive qualities of both solid and ventilated fences, as well as an attractive design, quickly gained popularity. Even the relatively high price (these products are considered to be premium-segment) did not become an insurmountable obstacle.

However, the situation on the market changed almost immediately: the high demand for blinds fences did not go unnoticed by small companies, which competed with large manufacturers exclusively on price. The market got a cheap blinds fence – but this was accompanied by a whole range of undesirable (primarily for the buyer) consequences.

Market Dynamics and the Emergence of Cheap Alternatives

Since their introduction to the construction market, blinds fences have caused a real surge of interest. Their unique combination of functionality and design quickly gained popularity among consumers who want to combine privacy with aesthetic appeal. However, as is often the case, high demand has also spawned new market trends.

Initially, blinds fences were positioned as a premium product, distinguished by high quality materials and complexity of execution. But the wave of interest in this product did not go unnoticed by small manufacturing companies, who saw the potential for expanding their market share.

These companies began to offer more affordable options for blinds fences, while significantly reducing production costs. The main methods of cost reduction were the use of cheaper materials, simplification of structures, and the use of less skilled labor. For example, instead of high-quality galvanized steel or aluminum, cheaper analogues were used, often with a reduced metal thickness and simplified profiles.

This led to the emergence of two segments of blinds fences on the market: premium and economy class. At the same time, economy options, although they were more affordable, did not always meet the expectations of consumers in terms of quality and durability. The profiles of budget fences turned out to be less resistant to deformation and corrosion, and their installation and maintenance often required additional costs.

Thus, the market for blinds fences has undergone significant changes. The appearance of budget alternatives has made this product more accessible to a wide range of consumers, but has forced many of them to face a compromise between price and quality. It is important for consumers, when making a purchase decision, to weigh all the pros and cons, realizing that saving money today can lead to additional costs in the future.

Cheap Fences from the Premium Segment: Is it Possible?

Blinds fences, despite their apparent simplicity, have a fairly complex structure. To ensure a combination of strength, stability, durability, and attractive appearance, it requires the coordinated work of high-class specialists, from design engineers and technologists to qualified machine operators who process sheet metal. The requirements for the metal itself are also high, which is why the cost of the structure increases, including due to the use of expensive (but high-quality!) raw materials.

In order to remove the blinds fence from the premium segment and be able to sell structures at a loss, some manufacturers use the following solutions:

  • Simplifying the profile design, primarily by reducing the number of stiffeners and technological elements.
  • Using thinner metal or purchasing cheaper raw materials. High-quality galvanized steel and aluminum from Europe (primarily Germany) are more expensive than Chinese products, but China is significantly inferior in quality.
  • Using more affordable polymer coatings.
  • Using simple equipment for manual metal processing and working with low-skilled personnel.

Thus, copying the blinds fence (even without original drawings, “by eye”) becomes possible. But at the same time, the operational characteristics of the fence are significantly reduced, and we will consider the reasons for this reduction below.


The production of blinds fences in “garage workshops” is quite widespread today – it is quite easy to find fakes on the market (in fact, such fences are nothing more than fakes under the original). But the purchase of a cheap blinds fence is fraught with consequences:

  • Due to the small thickness of the metal, light profiled lamellas are more prone to deformation, including under their own weight. In addition, it is impossible to fix thin metal reliably using fasteners, and when signs of corrosion appear, the fastening point is destroyed almost instantly.
  • Saving on galvanization and polymer coating (and these are just uncheckable parameters, so unscrupulous manufacturers save on them) leads to an increased risk of corrosion development. Especially – as we have already noted – in critical points, that is, at the attachment point.
  • Simplifying the design of the lamellas and using primitive equipment for metalworking is another blow to quality. First, fewer stiffeners – lower fence strength. Secondly, on a simple sheet bending machine, it is impossible to form a profile with the same accuracy and with the same minimum tolerances as on modern bending equipment.

Important! Low staff qualification combined with formal, or even absent, quality control, also contributes to the “result”.

  • Finally, a cheap blinds fence does not retain its attractive appearance for long. Such a structure begins to either fade in the sun, or become covered with cracks and bulges. In any case, after a year (well, if not earlier!), the fence will look very shabby.


Buyers are attracted by the low price, but often do not realize the hidden problems that may arise in the future. In this section, we will discuss the key problems associated with economical blinds fences that can seriously affect the durability and functionality of fences.

  1. Simplified Construction and Materials. To reduce costs, manufacturers often simplify the construction of fences, reducing the number of stiffeners and technological elements. This makes the fence less resistant to physical loads, which can lead to rapid deformation or damage in strong winds or other external influences.
  2. Use of Thinner and Cheaper Metal. Budget fences are often made of thinner metal or low-quality materials. Such metals are prone to corrosion and may not withstand long-term exposure to external conditions, which significantly reduces the service life of the fence. In addition, it is difficult to securely fasten thin metal, which makes the structure less stable.
  3. Attachment Problems. Weak attachment points on cheap blinds fences can be a serious problem. When using thin metal, fasteners do not provide the required reliability, which leads to weakening of the structure and increases the risk of damage under mechanical impact or in extreme weather conditions.

The result, alas, is disappointing. Cheap blinds fences – those that are noticeably “below market” – almost always turn out to be cheap due to the manufacturer’s savings on quality. The result is the buyer’s disappointment, forced to spend money on fence repair the very next day after its installation. And since blinds are chosen not least for its design, the scale of the problem will be significantly higher than the short-term joy of saving on purchase.

When choosing blinds fences, it is important to remember that saving on the initial purchase can lead to additional costs for repairs and maintenance in the future. Cheap fences may look attractive due to their low price, but the quality of construction and materials plays a key role in the durability and safety of your fence. As a construction professional, I recommend paying more attention to the quality of manufacture and materials to ensure the reliability and long-term durability of your fence.

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