“Lego Fences” by Mehbud. Since 2010, we have eliminated rivets and screws.
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November 3, 2023

“Lego Fences” by Mehbud. Since 2010, we have eliminated rivets and screws.


Since 2012, the Mehbud factory of fencing structures has introduced a unique product to the market – “Exclusive Lego Blinds” fences. This innovative approach to fence construction has not only opened new horizons in fencing but has also gained significant popularity among consumers.

The popularity of blinds-fences in recent years is unquestionable by market experts. However, there are models that stand out even among the majority of blinds-fences. One such model is the “Exclusive Lego Blinds” fence from the Mehbud metal products factory.


The main highlight of “Lego” fences lies in their design without fasteners. The fence slats are assembled without the use of rivets or screws, which eliminates potential areas for corrosion to develop. The slats of “Exclusive Blinds” are attached to each other using special LEGO inserts.


One of the “weak points” of any thin sheet metal structure is the attachment points:

  • Yes, when using high-quality fasteners (primarily riveted connections), the fixation reliability will be high.
  • On the other hand, any fastening point with rivets or screws is a section with a breach in the integrity of the metal sheet. The strength of the part decreases here, and conditions for the development of corrosion processes arise.

That’s why the engineers at the Mehbud factory set out to develop a fence that could be assembled without traditional fasteners. This resulted in the “Exclusive Lego Blinds” fence.

Individual fence slats are assembled without fasteners. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Vertical P-shaped guides are installed on the supporting elements of the structure. They ensure the fixation of the slats.
  • The edges of the slats are inserted into the slots of the guides, and the slats are simply dropped down.
  • Spacers are responsible for fixing the slats at a certain angle and distance.

In fact, that’s it – the fence is truly assembled like a “Lego” construction set. The precise fitting of the parts to each other ensures the reliability of fixing all elements. The structure is as strong and stable as when using standard fasteners.


The key advantages of Mehbud’s “Lego” fences lie in their design, which doesn’t involve either screws or rivets. The parts are precisely fitted to each other with minimal gaps and are securely held on the guides, so the fence is just as strong as standard fences.

The second obvious advantage is the speed of installation. Just like with a “Lego” construction set, the fence parts are designed for the fastest possible assembly. There’s no need to drill holes for rivets, no need to use screws – the fence is simply assembled in the required sequence.

The absence of holes in the metal is also a plus. Fences of this type are significantly less prone to corrosion, which usually develops at the attachment points. As a result, these fences require less maintenance and last much longer.

All of the above explains the high demand for “Exclusive Lego Blinds” fences. However, these advantages are only present in the original products from Mehbud – numerous attempts to replicate the design have not yet been successful.

In summary, Mehbud’s Lego fences offer the following advantages:

  • Unique Design: “Exclusive Lego Blinds” fences feature an innovative construction without the use of screws and rivets, ensuring ease of assembly and durability.
  • Quick Installation: With a design reminiscent of Lego construction, fence assembly is fast and doesn’t require additional tools, saving time and effort.
  • Excellent Anti-Corrosion Properties: The absence of fastening holes in the metal reduces the risk of corrosion, enhancing the fence’s longevity.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The stylish and modern design of “Exclusive Lego Blinds” fences enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property, giving it a contemporary and professional look.
  • Strength and Stability: Despite the absence of traditional fasteners, the fence construction is highly durable and stable, making it a reliable option for protecting your property.
  • Competitive Advantage: Mehbud is the sole manufacturer offering “Exclusive Lego Blinds” fences assembled with special Lego inserts.


Compared to similar products from competitors, Mehbud’s Lego fences stand out with their unique fastener-free design, which provides additional advantages in terms of durability, longevity, and installation speed.

No other manufacturer in Ukraine or Europe produces “Exclusive Lego Blinds” fences, and the Lego inserts are a unique product from the Mehbud factory.


Mehbud’s Lego fences are an excellent choice for those seeking reliable, corrosion-resistant, and easy-to-install fencing. Thanks to their innovative design and high-quality materials, these fences offer durability and an aesthetic appearance. To learn more or to order a fence, please contact Mehbud (provide contact information).

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